Category News Remark
Education Information 1. Education and Youth Development Bureau Provides all kinds of educational information.
2. Community of Education and Youth
   2.1 Education Information( Education and Youth)
   2.2 College Scholarships
   2.3 Youth Union Event
Provide information on activities of youth associations.
3. Youth Center Provide Youth Center information.
4. Student Blog
   4.1 Subsidy Scheme
   4.2 Information on Employment
   4.3 Information on Further Studies
   4.4 Events/Competitions
Provides information on further study, employment and activities.
5. Centre for Higher Education Students Provide entrance examinations and registration service for the activities of the Education and Youth Bureau.
1. Sports Bureau Provide various sports information.
2. Public Sports Facilities
   2.1 Venue Description
      2.1.1 Sports Centre/Swimming Pool
      2.1.2 Sports Ground(Community sports field)
   2.2 Venue booking
      2.2.1 Mong-Ha Sports Centre Venue Booking Enhanced ServiceEnhanced Service
      2.2.2 How to purchase swimming ticket?
Provide information on public sports facilities, opening hours, locations, and the online rental process of different venues.
3. The Sport Easy membership program Simplify the registration procedures of participating activity and personal use of venues rental of data entry.
4. The Sports Bureau mobile APP In addition to checking the activities of the Sports Bureau, the latest information and the use of public sports facilities, Sport Easy members can also available to make reservations for public sports facilities, query and sports records in the app.
Community Information 1. Municipal Affairs Bureau Provide information on civic education, animals and plants, green facilities, etc.
2. Activity Centres Provide all kinds of Activity Centre's information.
3. The Sanitation & Greening(Gardens & Parks) Allow people to inquire about the locations, traffic routes of country parks, recreational areas and hiking trails.
Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau Provides real-time weather, ultraviolet and other information, as well as various weather warnings, heavy rain or tropical cyclones.