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Macau University Students' Union of MUST(Students' Union of Macao University of Science and Technology), simplified (S.U.M.U.S.T.). The students in formally established in August 2001, Macau University Students' Union of MUST is one of the Macau government registered society.

Students' Union of MUST from the General Assembly, the Council, Board of Supervisors, and there are currently 30 student societies to SUMUST. (Still building their case will be continued rapid development and improvement). All of the Macau University of Science and Pre-University undergraduate student oriented are members of SUMUST. Students' Union of MUST are categorized into ten main groups: the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Welfare, the Ministry of promotion, event planning, Ministry of Human Development Department , public relations, liaison Department, information Department, Ministry of General Affairs.

Students' Union of MUST will be the policy slogan: new deal, motivate, engine power, hard-working. Its purpose is: learning, culture, training and other aspects of sports development for all students to provide services ˙ unity school students, between students and the schools to become a bridge; enhance communication with domestic and foreign institutions and exchanges, and actively outreach to his alma mater; students to carry out cultural and recreational activities, unite and lead an orientation will be held, lectures, exhibitions, research survey, published in college publications.

Students' Union of MUST will strive to become a bridge; to provide students and the students, students with communication between the school, a stage show: support is to hold a wealth of cultural and sports activities, sports activities, students demonstrate the elegance of subjects; conduct leadership training, develop training and other activities to the students the opportunity to enrich themselves; volunteer service and other activities, and strengthen the awareness of students to serve the community. To the public interest-oriented, so that students pay more attention to social problems, promote patriotic spirit, involved in promoting the development of Macao. Therefore, the student's goal is to create youth associations of Macao brand.

In the future, students also will be more diligent efforts, along with the accumulated experience of the brand step by step into the list of youth organizations.

Address: Avenida Wai Long The Macau University of Science and Technology Block J , room 102, Taipa, Macau
Tel: (853) 88971916

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1002 商學院學生會
1003 法學院學生會
1004 中醫藥學院學生會
1006 人文艺术学院学生会
1200 外地生學生會
1201 籃球會
1202 足球會
1203 排球社
1204 網球社
1206 乒乓球社
1207 精武協會
劍擊社 1210 戶外運動協會
1212 義工團
1213 舞蹈聯會
1214 音樂學會
1215 話劇社
1216 辯論社
1217 公共關係學會
1218 傳媒學會
1219 文雋社
1220 創思社
1223 魔術學會
1224 優聲優社
1225 國學社
1226 網絡文化交流社 logo


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Address: Room J108, Block J, Gymnasium, MUST, Avenida Wai Long, Taipa, Macau