"Fire drill" has been held in the student dormitory to raise students’ awareness of safety

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Dormitory students participate in the “Fire Drill” in an orderly manner

In order to strengthen the resilience and self-protection ability of dormitory students in emergency situations, master the knowledge of safe escape, and deepen their understanding of evacuation procedures in case of fire. Each year, Student Affairs Office invites personnel from Macau Fire Services Bureau to guide the five student dormitories to conduct “fire drills”. The “Fire Drill” for the 2122 academic year was successfully completed on the morning of November 6, 2021(Saturday), and nearly 3,000 dormitory students participated.

The student dormitory "Fire Drill" officially started at 9:30 this morning, simulating a fire in the dormitory room. The student who found the fire notified the security personnel to call the police. When the alarm bell rang, the dormitory students were quickly evacuated from the dormitory rooms to the designated venues according to the evacuation route. In the "fire drill", the dormitory students walked to the assembly location orderly and fast, and the entire evacuation was completed in about 10 minutes, reflecting the seriousness and teamwork spirit of the dormitory students. The entire "Fire Drill" process went smoothly. After the drill, representatives of the relevant units communicated the need for improvement.

Some Participants said the "Fire Drill" can provide a better understanding of escape routes and techniques in the event of a fire. Some said the "fire prevention, fraud prevention, and theft prevention" seminars held recently to improve their daily awareness of fire prevention and fraud prevention are of great help to the current collective accommodation or independent living in the future, and it is very practical.

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The dormitory students evacuated to the assembly point carefully and quickly

Crisis team members count the numbers of dormitory students carefully

Student Affairs Office of Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.) attaches great importance to raising the safety awareness of dormitory students. It posts safety knowledge and information in the student dormitories on a daily basis. The dormitory staff conduct regular room safety inspections to discover potential safety hazards in time to ensure the safety of dormitory students in the dormitory. Student Affairs Office holds lectures on "fire prevention, fraud prevention, and theft prevention" to students every new academic year. The purpose is to let every freshman understand basic safety knowledge in a new environment. In addition, Student Affairs Office invited representatives from the Macau Fire Services Bureau on November 4 to instill fire prevention knowledge for the dormitory staff, including response measures and escape skills in the event of a fire, common fire-fighting facilities and equipment, and demonstrated the use of fire extinguishers for the staff, to achieve prevention before it happens.

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Dormitory staff participate in fire extinguisher training

"Fire prevention, fraud prevention, and theft prevention " lecture is rich in content

Fire drills in student dormitories have been held for more than 15 years. The preparations and arrangements for the drills have matured. In the future, fire drills will continue to be arranged to strengthen the fire awareness of dormitory students and staff and their ability to respond to emergencies.

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