2022-2023 Interpersonal Relationships Workshop Successfully Held

 “Relationships 101”- Interpersonal relationships workshop, organized by the Student Affairs Office – Psychological Counseling Team, was successfully held on October 12th (Wednesday) in room O510. The workshop, facilitated by our school psychological counselor using group counseling approaches, provided a platform for students to experience the process of building healthy relationships.

Interpersonal relationship and emotion management are pivotal to the whole person development of students. As a continual effort to improve students’ wellbeing, the psychological counseling team has already facilitated this workshop for five consecutive years. Through the workshop, students learned to build genuine relationships and to interact with others openly. The workshop covered concepts such as definition of friends, ideal communication models, active listening, empathy, self-affirmation and praise. Over an hour and a half, the facilitator, together with all the participants, went through an interpersonal journey filled with ideas of relationships building, communication skills, and experiential learning.

All participants engaged actively in group discussion and have created an open atmosphere for deep sharing. Students made friends with each other and this process has greatly expanded the students’ social circle and their confidence. All of them took an important step to establish mutual trust and rapport with each other. Participants concurred that they look forward to similar workshops or activities in the future, and would definitely recommend friends and classmates to join.

The Psychological Counseling Team organize series of seminars, workshops, and activities to promote student’s mental wellness every year. If you are interested in joining the series of activities about mental wellbeing, stay tuned to the news feed of our team. We look forward to crossing path with you in the future!

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