The successful outcome of the “Healthy Food Exploration Activity” by the Nutrition Society of Students’ Union of M.U.S.T.

With the support of the Student Affairs Office, the Nutrition Society of Students’ Union of Macau University of Science and Technology successfully concluded Healthy Food Exploration Activity on March 9th and 10th. The aim of this event was to immerse into the local residents' lives, experience Macau's local food culture, and analyze the dietary nutrition structure of the local residents.

Participating students were divided into two lines, they visited over ten local food stores near the Mercado Municipal do Bairro Iao Hon and Praça do Tap Seac, personally experienced the daily dietary characteristics of local residents, tasted the culturally rich Macanese cuisine and analyzed the nutritional value.

To ensure that the Healthy Food Exploration Activity went beyond mere "tasting delicious food" tasting and achieved the goal of "making healthier choices," the Nutrition Society of Students’ Union of M.U.S.T., under the guidance of professional teachers, designed a "Comprehensive Evaluation Form for Healthy Food Exploration Activities" This evaluation form included criteria such as taste, appearance, and nutritional content to help students objectively evaluate the food they tasted and provide relevant improvement suggestions. The local food nutrition analysis report will be posted on the official account of the Nutrition Society, hoping to help everyone make healthier dietary choices in their daily lives.

Students analyze and comment on the relevant food according to the evaluation form