MUST Social Service Team and the Student Union Volunteer Team have participated in"The 43rd Macao Greening Week" series of activities – The Planting of Mangroves Along The Coast

The 43rd Macau Greening Week - Coastal Mangrove Planting Activity, organized by the Macau IAM, was held on the morning of March 17th at the Taipa Seaside Recreation Area with the theme of "Inheriting Love for Green and Building a Beautiful City Together." Since 2016, the Student Affairs Office has actively responded to the call of the IAM to encourage students to pay attention to environmental changes, cherish the earth's resources, and promote environmental awareness. This year, four student representatives from the Social Service Team and the Volunteer Team continued to be dispatched to respond to Macau Greening Week, actively supporting and optimizing the coastal ecological environment.

Before the activity began, IAM staff first explained the purpose of the tree planting activity. In recent years, Macao's land reclamation project has led to the destruction of mangroves in coastal areas, so the Macao SAR Government plants many mangroves along the coast every year. Subsequently, a group of participants led by the staff went to the mudflat, planted the seedlings in the mud with shovels, and finally inserted a "water pen" in the gap between the trees to complete the planting process.

After the event, Student Ma, a member of the social service team, said, "I am delighted to be able to personally participate in the public welfare practice activities for the sustainable development of Macao's green ecology, devoting to protecting Macao's ecological environment!" This year's Greening Week theme was "Passing on Love to Build a Better City," adhering to the concept of "World Tree Planting Day." It was hoped that the public's awareness of protecting nature and caring for the ecological environment would be raised, and people could actively explore the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. With the planting of more and more trees, the living environment of our human beings will also be continuously improved, which is a magnificent project that benefits the present and future generations.