A Series of Activities to Celebrate the 24th Anniversary of M.U.S.T.
The 10th Anniversary of MUST Social Service Team "Meet, Reunite and Look Forward" Garden Party was Successfully Held

The photo of the opening ceremony

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the M.U.S.T. Social Service Team, supervised by the Student Affairs Office, S.S.T. organized a garden party at Auditorium N101 on March 20th with the theme "Meet, Reunion, and Look Forward. " A total of 16 student associations were invited to jointly organize a game interactive booth to celebrate the achievements of S.S.T.'s public welfare activities over the years.

The opening ceremony of the garden party was held at noon on that day. The head of the Student Affairs Office, Ms. Wong Ka Weng; the duty manager (Extra-curricular activities), Ms. Tam Kit Leng; and the mentors, Ms. Hao Chi Wan, Ms. Ho Un Han, Ms. Sia Siao Rong, Mr. Leng Fei Ieong, Ms. Cheng Sin Teng; the principal of S.S.T., Zhou Xi; the vice leaders Li Wei Lin, Luo Zi Dan, Sun Xin Yi and the representatives of 16 student associations attended the opening ceremony.

Ms. Wong Ka Weng, the head of the Student Affairs Office, delivered a speech

At the opening ceremony, Ms. Wong Ka Weng, the head of the Student Affairs Office, said, "The Student Affairs Office set up SST in 2014 and the 'Service Learning' education project, hoping to provide students with opportunities to serve Macau society and improve themselves. The number of students participating in SST has been growing in the past ten years. Up to now, there are more than 300 qualified members in total. Volunteer services are quite diverse. In addition to actively participating in community volunteer services, SST also commits to promoting the construction of a green and low-carbon campus. According to statistics, SST has independently organized and participated in more than 100 public welfare projects and has provided community service, such as visiting the elderly home for nearly 1,000 hours. The core educational concept of the Student Affairs Office is to cultivate good character among students. 'Good will follow those who treat others well,' 'kindness,' 'goodwill', and 'good deeds' are virtues and advantages and are important factors in positive traits. Students gain practical experience by joining social service in SST." Since 2015, a total of 10 team members have won the "Top Ten Outstanding Young Volunteers in Macau," "Macao Excellent Volunteers," "Star Volunteer - Gold Award and Excellence Award," and other awards presented by the Macau Volunteer Association, affirming the selfless dedication of the members of SST in volunteer service. Ms. Wong hoped that SST would continue to spread the spirit of helping others, create more healthy and meaningful activities, jointly build a positive campus and community atmosphere, contribute to bringing more positive energy to society, and reflect the good character of our young people with ideals and courage.

Zhou Xi, the principal of SST, delivered a speech

The principal of SST, Zhou Xi, delivered a speech expressing gratitude to the Student Affairs Office for their guidance and concern, as well as to the team members and student clubs for their support in this event. In the future, she hoped that the members of SST could gain love and gratitude in the team; she also hoped that other students could have a compassionate heart in the future, treat people and the world gently, do their best to help others, pay attention to environmental protection, public welfare, and to SST.

During the event, previous members of SST exchanged experiences with current members and shared touching stories about volunteer service and public welfare activities. The atmosphere of the on-site activity was lively, with students laughing and participating in fun games and exchanging commemorative prizes. Participants in the booth games said they were pleased to experience the colorful campus activities and vibrant campus culture again after the epidemic. It is hoped that the Student Affairs Office and student associations can continue to provide such popular extracurricular activities for students and open up more activity spaces to support the development of students' comprehensive abilities.

Members of SST shared their experiences

The student associations participating in the event are: MUST MSBSA, MUST FLSA, MUST MSDSA, MUST FCOSA, MUST UICSA, MUST DRADA BLUB, MUST PR, MUST WENJUAN Association, MUST ACGN, MUST MAGIC, MUST Table Friends Club, MUST Football Club, MUST Table Tennis Club, MUST Outdoor Sports Association, MUST Running Association and SU MUST VA.


Group Photo

The group photo of SST and the representatives of the student unions