The successful outcome of the first “Respect Food” cooking competition by the Nutrition Society of Students’ Union of M.U.S.

In order to enhance the knowledge of nutrition and raise awareness of chronic diseases such as diabetes, with the support of the Student Affairs Office and the sponsorship of Guangzhou WANGLAOJI Great Health Industry Co., Ltd, the Nutrition Society of Students’ Union of M.U.S.T successfully concluded the first “Respect Food” cooking competition on March 24th, 2024. The competition aimed to guide students to pay attention to dietary health and master scientific cooking skills through practical exercises.

The competition began in late January, the first stage of the competition. The participating teams designed nutritious meal menus for diabetic patients and made them into beautiful posters. After the first round of selection, a total of eight teams advanced, including the Genius Chef Team, the Cold and Speechless Team, the Mickey Zero Chef Team, the 123 Sugar Control Team, the Less Sugar Team, the MUST Michelin Tire Team, the Yard Farm Kitchen Team, and the v-me-50 Chicken Wings and Split Your Wings Team. At the start of the second round of the competition, participating teams cooked their food according to the submitted menu. Everyone showed their strengths and efforts to cook; each team presented a delicious food. The judges scored each meal according to the team's menu design plan and the dishes prepared. After fierce competition, the champion is Jie JiaCheng, Du JingTeng, Mao HongYi, Zhu WenWen group the Genius Chef Team; the runner-up is He WangYang, Sun YuMing, Kong ZhiYue group the MUST Michelin Tire Team, and third runner-up is Xie YiChen, Wang SiRui, Huang WanLing group the Less Sugar Team.

The event lasted for more than two months, from the preparation of the event, the collection of menu design and the conduct of the cooking competition, more than 50 people participated in the event. The success of the activity is inseparable from the efforts of students, the guidance of teachers and the support and sponsorship of relevant units. During the competition, the teams demonstrated their cooking skills and nutritional knowledge. They not only paid attention to the aesthetics and taste of the dishes, but also fully considered the nutritional combination of ingredients and cooking methods. These carefully prepared dishes aimed to convey the concept of healthy eating, so that students can pay more attention to healthy eating in their daily lives, and at the same time apply the knowledge from the classroom to their lives and build up the concept of dietary therapy.