Lost and Found

Student Affairs Office takes charge of “Loss and Found Process”. For details, please read carefully as follows:

  1. The belongings was found by Staff will be sent to  Student Affairs Office (J108). The following information and description will be registered:
          i)  The features of the belonging;
          ii) The date and time when it was found;
          iii)The location where it was found.
  2. Students and staffs may go to  Student Affairs Office (J108) for reporting or registering, once they loss their belongings within the campus.They should provide the following information of the belongings clearly:
          i)  Features, e.g.: color, size, model;
          ii) The date and time when it was lost;
          iii)The location where it was lost;
          iv)If the belongings is not found, the information will only be used for reference.
  3. When the belongings was found, a staff of Student Affairs Office will approach the owner to come to Student Affairs Office to make confirmation:
          i)  The owner should bring his/her campus card or ID card;
          ii) The owner should sign after confirmed the features of the belongings.
  4. Student Affairs Office reserves the right to dispose belongings after 100 days from the discovery.
  5. The owner will not receive any call from Student Affairs Office when there is no corresponding belongings.
  6. Finally, Student Affairs Office reminds all students to take good care of their belongings.

Remarks: The English translation here is for reference only.In case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.