Group Insurance for Non-local Students

Student Group Insurance is covering both hospitalization and out-patient medical claim treatments. All claimant may request the insurance company for their medical indemnity due to sickness or accident(s). Please refer to Guidelines on Student's Group Medical Insurance for more details.

The claimant must take note of the followings:

1. Scope of Insurance

2. Process for Claims

3. Procedures for Claims

4. Required Documents


Scope of Insurance

  • All registered doctors in Macau and China;
  • Chinese medicine treatments (except the University Hospital) or Die Da (trauma treatment) are excluded;
  • Dental and ophthalmic treatments (except accidents), treatment of psychological/emotional conditions and congenital anomalies are excluded;
  • Consultation fee on some sickness can be waived when students consult any doctors in the general department of the University Hospital with their student cards (for further enquires, please contact the University Hospital directly);
  • The insurance policy for each academic year will be effective between 1st September and 31st August of the following year;
  • Details of indemnity are subject to changes made by the insurance company.

Process for Claims

  • Students submit the documents to Student Affairs Office;
  • Student Affairs Office submits the set of documents to the insurance company;
  • The insurance company processes the claim;
  • Students can check status of the claim with his student card at Student Affairs Office after one and a half months from submission of documents;
  • The insurance company issues a crossed cheque in settlement of the indemnity;
  • After collection of the cheque, the claimant can have it deposited into his bank account.  The cheque will be valid until 6 months from issue date.

Procedure for Claims

  • Please bring your student card with you to Student Affairs Office and fill in the relevant claim form(s) and submit all the necessary documents. Student Affairs Office will not process any applications with incorrect information;
  • Normally, the original receipt(s) will not be returned but the sickness record can be collected after three weeks from submission;
  • All required documents must be submitted to Student Affairs Office within 80 days from consultation.  Late submission will not be processed;
  • Should a claimant not be able to contact Student Affairs Office in person within 80 days due to sickness or accident, he/she can download the claim form(s) and return the completed form(s) by mail Student Affairs Office of the University (the mail must also be received within 60 days);

Required Documents

  • Consultation receipt and doctor’s certificate (such as sickness record) and the date on all the documents should correspond to the date on the consultation receipt.
  • For any out-patient medical claim, the claimant should fill in the “Attachment Report for Group Medical Claim” and “Group Insurance Medical Claim Form”.
  • For any hospitalization claim, the claimant should fill in the “Attachment Report for Group Medical Claim” and “Group Hospitalization & Surgical Claim From”. The latter claim form must be endorsed by the doctor with hospital stamp.


<<Out-patient medical claim>>
“Attachment Report for Group Medical Claim”
“Group Insurance Medical Claim Form”

<<Hospitalization Claim>>
“Group Hospitalizaion & Surgical Claim From”

Remarks: The English translation here is for reference only. In case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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