Doctor of Philosophy in Advanced Networking

Program Objectives

With the support of our international faculty team in a bilingual teaching environment in Chinese and English, cultivate high-end talents with international vision, innovative qualities and core competitiveness, master the solid basic theory and broad professional knowledge of the discipline, and strengthen the English academic display and international academic communication skills. Have the ability to independently engage in scientific research and system research and development, and have achieved innovative results in the forefront of advanced networking and be competent for important positions in academic and research institutions in this field after graduation。

Learning Outcome

Graduates at MUST should be able to:

  1. Contribute to the advancement of knowledge by conducting original research that addresses questions of significance in a particular subject area of advanced networking field.
  2. Analyze and articulate the scientific advances and limitations of existing results as described in the research literature.
  3. Demonstratein-depth knowledge of a particular subject area and broad knowledge of other areas in a chosen advanced networking field.
  4. Communicate effectively scientific and research findings.
  5. Uphold ethical standards and integrity of scientific process in research, teaching, and professional service.