Mr. Chang Chih-chi discusses "Walking on Paper, Walking on Foot" - The design of a book starts from small things

       The "Art Lectures" series of lectures co-sponsored by the Academy of Film M.U.S.T" and Culture and Sports Development Office. "Walking on Paper without Stopping"-The design of a book starts with small things, November 2021 the online live broadcast on the Zoom platform was successfully held on the afternoon of the 30th. This lecture invites graphic designers, book designers, deputy secretary-general of the Book Art Working Committee of the China Publishers Association, chief art editor of Higher Education Publishing House, art director of Zhang Zhiqi's studio, lecturer of the Respect Book Seminar, 2021 "China The most beautiful book" judges. Lectured by Teacher Zhang Zhiqi.

        At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Zhang Zhiqi described his journey to the book design industry and showed two books designed by Mr. Zhang himself, "Organizational Atlas" and "The Old Man and the Sea".

       Next, Mr. Zhang Zhiqi focuses on the book "Dance Traces: An Oral History of the "Non-Heritage Dances of Shandong", which he believes uses "grid system editing" and "cross-line arrangement" to easily put the reader into a good atmosphere.

       When discussing the relationship between books and numbers. Mr. Zhang Zhiqi believes that the relationship between books and digital is relatively close, and designing books is like designing architecture, the completion of the transformation from two-dimensional to three-dimensional is the focus of graphic design.

        At the end of the lecture, Mr. Zhang combined a series of visual presentation problems and discussed the relationship between the change of picture size and the layer of reading and the distance of reading, emphasizing that the choice of visual images should be closely related to the content of the text.