The Piano Team List of the Academic Year of 2019/2020


No. Faculty Grade Chinese Name English Name Position Remark
1 School of Pharmacy Junior QIAN LIYUNHE Skye Captain Art Elite
2 School of Business Sophomore CHEN HONGGUANG Eric Vice Captain Art Elite
3 School of Business Senior JI YUHAN Joyce  Captain Consultant Art Elite
4 School of Business Junior ZHOU YING Tina Member Art Elite
5 School of Business Junior LI YUCHEN Rebecca Member Art Elite
6 School of Business Junior TIAN XIAOYUAN Jane Member Art Elite
7 School of Business Sophomore DAI JINGHANG Sheila Member Art Elite
8 School of Business Sophomore ZHANG YUJIE Angel Member Art Elite
9 Faculty of Chinese Medicine Sophomore ZOU YINGJUN Celestine Member Art Elite
10 University International College Sophomore TU ZHENYU Esther Member Art Elite
11 Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management Freshman XIAN XINTIAN Kitty Member Art Elite
12 Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management Freshman XU LUHAN Luna Member Art Elite
13 School of Business Freshman CHENYINGJIE Ashley Member Art Elite
14 School of Business Freshman YUAN YUXIN Skila Member Art Elite
15 Faculty of Information Technology Sophomore PAN YANFENG Charlie Member Art Elite
16 Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management Freshman ZHANG SONGHAO Loong Member Art Elite
17 School of Business Senior JIA LIN Rachel Member  
18 Faculty of Humanities and Arts Junior LI ZIJUN Maggie Member  
19 School of Business Junior XUE YIFAN Billy Member  
20 School of Business Junior CAI GONGXUAN Shannon Member  
21 School of Business Sophomore WANG QINYI Linda Member  
22 School of Pharmacy Freshman  WANG YIYAO Flora Member Art Elite