Associate Professor Yang Hua talks about “The Era of Epidemic-A Body Dialogue Across Time and Space”

       The "Art Lectures" series of lectures co-hosted by the Academy of Film M.U.S.T and Culture and Sports Development Office, "Era of Epidemics-Body Dialogue Across Time and Space", was successfully held on the afternoon of December 14, 2021 through the Zoom platform online live broadcast. This lecture invited Associate Professor Yang Hua from the Film and Television School of Nanjing University of the Arts, a member of the Chinese Dancers Association, a member of the Anhui Dancers Association, and a member of the Nanjing Dancers Association.

       At the beginning of the lecture, Associate Professor Yang Hua believe that the epidemic has not only changed the status quo of all walks of life in society, but also changed the basic way of life and study of college students.

       Next, Associate Professor Yang Hua reminded students that in the epidemic era, contemporary college students must find their own life position as soon as possible. Attitude determines everything.

       At the end of the lecture, Associate Professor Yang Hua combined his personal teaching experience at Macau University of Science and Technology to warn the students to have a high morale to enrich their daily study and life.