Research Group: Planetary Surface Environment and Small Bodies


Our group is interested in planetary surface environment and solar/planetary system evolution.

Our team is conducting research in the following fields:

  • Dust of planetary and small bodies
  • Cosmic rays, solar wind and their interaction with planetary surface
  • Planetary subsurface structure
  • Water, volatiles, organics
  • Planetary nebula, early solar system
  • Observation and characterization of asteroids and comets
  • Thermal properties of the Moon, asteroids, comets

Team Members:






SSI Academic xpzhang 60x85

Zhang, Xiao Ping

Associate Professor
(Group Head)

  • Planetary dust and radiation environment;
  • Planetary nuclear physics;
  • Planetary remote sensing;


SSI Academic xuyi 60x85

Xu, Yi

Associate Professor

  • Analogy study of Qaidam Basin and Mars;
  • Microwave/Lunar radar sounder signal analysis for “Chang-E” series satellitest;
  • Computer Architecture;


SSI Academic LiangLiangYu 60x85

Yu, Liang Liang

Assistant Professor

  • Thermal Infrared Radiometry of Small Bodies in the solar system;
  • Thermophysical and Dynamical modelling of Small Bodies in the solar system;


SSI Academic XuWenTao 60x85

Hui, Man To

Assistant Professor

  • Dynamics and physical characterisation of comets and active asteroids, and other related small bodies;
  • Formation of the solar system;


ssi Assistant Professor photo fushuai 60x85

Fu, Shuai

Assistant Professor

  • Energy particles in the heliosohere;


SSI Academic liyun 60x85

Li, Yun

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Space Physics;
  • MHD simulation, Mars, Venus, Cosmic rays


SSI Academic XiaojiaZeng 60x85

Zeng, Xiao Jia

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Planetary Geology and Habitability;
  • Extraterrestrial Materials



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