Research Group: Atmospheric


Our research involves the atmospheres of Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and exoplanets. The main objective is to understand the physical processes, dynamics and climate of these atmospheric systems. The basic research approaches include the development of numerical models and simulations, as well as the analysis of observational data.

Our team is conducting research in the following fields:

  • Dust storms and other atmospheric physical processes on Mars (Keith Chow)
  • Great Red Spot, polar vortices and convective motions on Jupiter (Tao Cai)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (Tao Cai)
  • Numerical modeling of the climate of exoplanets (Keith Chow)

Team Members:






SSI Academic Keith 60x85

Chow, Kim Chiu

Assistant Professor

Group Head

  • Numerical Modeling of Planetary Atmospheres;
  • Climate Dynamics;
  • General Circulation and Dust Storms on Earth and Mars;


SSI Academic CaiTao 60x85

Cai, Tao

Assistant Professor

  • Stellar and planetary atmospheres;
  • Computational fluid dynamics;
  • Applied mathematics;


SSI Academic photo Xiaojing

Xiao, Jing

Assistant Professor

  • Mountain meteorology;
  • Tropical cyclone (TC) and other mesoscale severe weather systems;
  • Climatology and dynamics of dust storms on Mars;



Zhang, Xin Yi

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Asteroseismology;
  • Solar-Like Oscillations-Red Giants;



Wang, Ye Meng

PhD Student


Su, Ye

PhD Student


Zhang, Kun

PhD Student


Zhang, Yu

PhD Student


Zhou, Yu Wei

Master Student


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