Bachelor's Degree Program Remedial Courses

Introduction to Remedial Courses

(Applicable for Bachelor's Degree Program)

The remedial courses (including Remedial Chinese, Remedial English I, Remedial English II andRemedial Mathematics) are designed for new students* who are in need of strengthening their foundations in these essential subjects and facilitate their study of these subjects in the study plan developed for the bachelor degree program.

*The University will decide whether it is necessary to arrange remedial courses according to the results of the Admission Examination/Placement Examination/National College Entrance Examination/Public Examination Scores etc.

The University generally schedules these students to study them in the first semester of the academic year (for students who are required to study both Remedial English I and Remedial English II, Remedial English II will be taken in the second semester). Each course generally runs a total of 45 hours per semester and 3 hours per week. Upon completion of the specified remedialcourses, students will be awarded a certificate based on their performance in these courses.

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