Shizi Gate Law Forum--Professor Zhao Xiao Geng Talk about “ The Value of Traditional Laws in Contemporary Era”

On the morning of May 23, 2022, the 21st session (the second session of Academic Year 2021-2022) of the Shizi Gate Law Forum“ The Value of Traditional Laws in Contemporary Era”of the MUST Faculty of Law was successfully held on the online platform ZOOM. The event was organized by the Faculty of Law and sponsored by the MUST Foundation. Professor Zhao Xiao Geng, Juris Doctor, Professor of Law School Renmin University of China, was invited as the keynote speaker. Professor Zhao Xiao Geng is also the Executive President and Standing Director of China Institute of Legal History (the 8th and 9th session), Vice President of the Legal Culture Association of China Law Society, Director of Judicial Research Society of the Supreme People’s Court.

Dean Fang Quan made a speech for the forum and extended her warm welcome and thanks to the Professor Zhao Xiao Geng for his great speech. Program Director Xie Geng Liang and Program Director Mou Xiao Bo, together with 150 teachers and students or more, attended the forum online.

article2022052301 pic趙曉耕教授談傳統法的當代價值

Professor Zhao Xiao Geng Talk about “ The Value of Traditional Laws in Contemporary Era”


At the beginning of the forum, Professor Zhao Xiao Geng talked about the value of traditional concepts by starting with an ancient saying “ It is honest to suspect what should be suspected”, then he elaborated the legal development of China since the Pre-Qin days from the perspective of history of China’s legal system. Next, Professor Zhao Xiao Geng put forward the argument that law is the rule which takes written words as its carrier through discussing the relationship between written words and law. He pointed out that as languages are limited by its nature, the selection of words is the key technique in formulating laws, which indicates the thoughts of legislators. Professor Zhao considered there is no “ perfect law”, law is just a least-bad rule. When we study the laws of China and western countries, we should acknowledge that each law implies its concept of value in its cultural context. Besides, Professor Zhao brought forward a series of issues worth discussing in the legislation of modern civil law, criminal law and other law on the basis of traditional legal concept.

In the end, Professor Zhao Xiao Geng shared his viewpoints in studying the history of China’s legal system and thought of rule by law in ancient times. He believed that the ancient wisdom of rule by law are of great significance to contemporary society. All the classmates should absorb the essence of the traditional Chinese culture in the process of studying law, as well as improve our personal literacy, so as to contribute to the cause of China’s legal education and research.

In the interactive session, Professor Zhao answered questions raised by students with incisive viewpoints. At the end of the Forum, Dean Fang Quan made a conclusion for the Forum and expressed her sincere thanks.

article2022052301 pic方泉院長致歡迎辭及結束語

Dean Fang Quan delivered a welcome address and made a conclusion for the forum


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Scene of the Forum


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Group photo