MUST Unveiled Plaque for the Joint Research Center for Future City

In order to promote Industry-university cooperation and accelerate the research and applications of smart city in Macao, the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) deeply cooperated with China Coal Construction Engineering (Macao) Co., Ltd (CNACG) to establish a joint research Center for Future City, the unveiling ceremony of the research center was held on Sept. 27, 2018 in room A201 at MUST. Deputy general manager Gong Caijun of CNACG, Vice Chairman Yu Chuntao of the CNACG Macau, Manager Qiu Mingyu of the Integrated management department and Human Resources department of CNACG, Dean of Faculty of Information Technology, MUST, Prof. Zhang Du, and assistant professors of Faculty of Information Technology, MUST, Liang Yanyan, Leung Po and Peng Yuyang attended the unveiling Ceremony.

After the unveiling ceremony, Dr. Liang Yanyan introduced the progress of the research center and the project development. Considering the advantages of our own research, Dr. Liang proposed some potential fields for future cooperation. Currently both sides have cooperated on two projects of construction engineering and application of the future city. These two projects are the construction of intelligent surveillance technology research and abnormal warning platform, and construction of urban underground pipe corridor, both projects have made a good progress.

Then Dr. Leung Po introduced the development of Transmac Bus data analysis project, which is set up in the view of the current demand for intelligent traffic safety. This project is cooperated with Transmac and Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (ASTRI) to identify potential safety problems in driving through machine learning and big data analysis.

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