Administrative Staff
Name Position E-mail
Wu Nai Qi Director [email protected]
Zhang Guang Supervisor [email protected]
Academic Staff
Name Position E-mail
Wu Nai Qi* Chair Professor [email protected]
Hou Zen Guang* Distinguished Guest Professor [email protected]
Meng De Yu* Distinguished Guest Professor [email protected]
Wang Fei Yue* Distinguished Guest Professor [email protected]
Wei Qing Lai* Distinguished Guest Professor [email protected]
Li Zhi Wu* Professor [email protected]
Zhou Meng Chu* Professor [email protected]
Chen Yu Feng* Associate Professor [email protected] 
Bai Li Ping* Associate Professor [email protected]
Han Zi Tian* Associate Professor [email protected]
Qiao Yan* Associate Professor [email protected]
Gao Kai Zhou Assistant Professor [email protected]
Yin Li Assistant Professor [email protected]
Jia Xi Xi Postdoctoral Fellow [email protected]
Li Yu Ting Postdoctoral Fellow [email protected]
Qi Ya Ping Postdoctoral Fellow [email protected]
Xie Ming Yang Postdoctoral Fellow [email protected]
Zhang Si Wei Postdoctoral Fellow [email protected]
Zhou Yang Ming Postdoctoral Fellow [email protected]
Zhu Jing Postdoctoral Fellow [email protected]

Remark: All assistant professors or above can supervise master students while names with "*" can supervise both doctoral and master students.