Dormitory Residents Celebrate the Winter Solstice by Making Dumplings

To foster a pleasant and harmonious dormitory atmosphere, Dormitory and Living Experience Team of Student Affairs Office had held a "Warm Winter Solstice Dumpling Making Event" on the afternoon of December 21st in the On-campus dormitories. The purpose of the event was to enhance dormitory residents' sense of belonging and to promote interaction and cooperation between students and staffs, strengthening friendships of each other.

住宿生包餃子歡度冬至 1 住宿生包餃子歡度冬至 8

The atmosphere at the event was lively and harmonious, with dormitory residents actively participating, showing their enthusiasm and creativity. Everyone grouped together to make dumplings, displaying their own skills, not only learning the techniques of making dumplings but also enjoying the fun of teamwork. There was a spirit of mutual help among the residents, laughter and joy had filled the entire event.

住宿生包餃子歡度冬至 3 住宿生包餃子歡度冬至 4

住宿生包餃子歡度冬至 5 住宿生包餃子歡度冬至 2

Dormitory Residents Showcase Their Skills in Making Dumplings

Through the dumpling-making activity, the dormitory residents established deeper friendships. By participating together, they had enhanced their understanding and respect for each other, while also had felt the warmth and belonging of the dormitory life. The event was carried out smoothly and successfully.

住宿生包餃子歡度冬至 7 住宿生包餃子歡度冬至 6

Sharing and Tasting Dumplings Together

The "Warm Winter Solstice Dumpling Making Event" had greatly improved the atmosphere of the dormitory and the living experience of the residents, fostered the spirit of mutual aid and love. Dormitory and Living Experience Team of Student Affairs Office will continue to organize similar events in the future in other to provide more opportunities for residents to meet new friends and expand their social circles, enrich life experience in the dormitory, and further enhance their sense of belonging and happiness.