Macau University of Science and Technology Holds the 8th Poetry Recitation Contest

Macau University of Science and Technology held the final of the 8th Poetry Recitation Contest, which was themed “Growth·Passion·Love”, in D Hall in the evening of April 21, 2018. The event was sponsored by the Macao Foundation, organized by the Department of General Education of M.U.S.T., and co-organized by the M.U.S.T. Art Troupe. With the organizing teachers’ careful planning and the hard training by the contestants, the competition was fierce and intense; the audience was greatly impressed by the wonderful performances of many outstanding reciters.

In the evening of the finale, many students came to join the audience to view the great performances by the contestants. The heart-touching absorbing recitations by the contestants, the exhilarating intensity of the competition, and the marvelous shows put on by the M.U.S.T. Art Troupe have created some wonderful memories for the audience. After a comprehensive evaluation combing the judges’ scores and the on-site voting by the audience, winners of various categories were announced.

Eventually, after several rounds of competition, Xu Jiayi won the “1st Prize in Original Poetry”; the audience voted Xie Yuxin to be winner of the “Most Popular Contestant Prize” in the Cantonese category, and Lan Xiaoran to be winner of the “Most Popular Contestant Prize” in the Mandarin category; in the meantime, Xie Yuxin, Lan Xiaoran and Jiang Dianxi won the 1st Prize of Cantonese and Mandarin respectively; other contestants won the the 2nd and 3rd places of Cantonese and Mandarin, the “Best Duo Prize”, and the “Best Stage Charm Prize”.

The contestants have received honors and valuable experience through the competition. They were grateful to the University for its support, to their coaches for their guidance, and to the M.U.S.T. Art Troupe members for their wonderful performances. In poetry, a heart never dies. In the coming years, M.U.S.T. will continue to hold the Poetry Recitation Contest to enrich the campus life.

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