Under the main theme of “driving development with innovation, and changing life with intelligence,” the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition (AIIC) was held recently among university students from all over the country. The competition was aimed at inspiring the innovative ability of university students, and cultivating the new forces for entrepreneurship. The AIIC was organized by the committee of China University Science and Technology Achievement Education Association (Ministry of Education’s Science and Technology Development Center, Guangdong Science and Technology Department, Guangdong Educational Bureau, Guangdong Huizhou Government), and was co-organized by China University (South China) Science and Technology Achievement Conversion Center, Guangdong Huizhou Education Bureau and Macao Think-Tank Management Research Association.

After a strict selection process, in May 25-27th 2018, 36 teams emerged as the finalists, out of 208 teams in the preliminary competition, to get into the final live road show held in Guangdong Huizhou Convention and Exhibition Center. The final results include: 2 Gold Awards, 6 Silver Awards, 10 Bronze Awards and 18 Meritorious Awards. Two finalist teams of 8 students from Faculty of Information Technology of Macau University of Science and Technology participated in the final competition under the guidance of Professor Zhang Du, Assistant Professor U Kin Tak and Assistant Professor Yang Lei, and won a Bronze Award and a Meritorious Award respectively.

The "Smart Tracking Luggage" designed by students Shi Mingqiang, Liang Xuesheng and Lu Qin won the Bronze Award for the competition. The idea was to add an auxiliary power module that turns the luggage into a "smart suitcase" which can "walk" along with the users on either side. It solves the problem of the "Bluetooth suitcase” that is currently available in the market and can only follow the user from behind, creating some security concerns. With this new design, users can have better control of the suitcase in various situations. In addition, the design of the auxiliary power module can be installed in common luggage sold in the market, so consumers do not need to discard their existing ones, further helping with the environmental protection.

The other winning team consisted of five students: Sun Xibin, Tang Jiahua, Liu Mingzhe, Arnaud Kenfack, and Zhang Bingchuan. Their design of "Population Heat Map Display and Alert System based on Multi-source Data" used cameras, WiFi probes and other devices to collect the outdoor crowd flow data, relying on the large data biosphere of Hadoop to realize the distributed collection, distributed storage and distributed processing of human traffic data, and through multi-source data fusion technology to effectively fuse the multi-source data together. The system uses the multivariate linear regression machine learning algorithm to realize the modification and refinement of multi-source data fusion factor. As a result, the accuracy and reliability of the population flow thermal map detection are improved. The system has many possible applications in the urban population flow management, tourism planning and integrated urban planning.

The competition is aimed at deepening the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Chinese universities, guiding the development strategies for innovation, integrating innovative entrepreneurship education into personnel training, improving the innovative spirit, entrepreneurial awareness and innovative entrepreneurial ability of students, and calling for more enterprises' attention and support to innovative entrepreneurship. After the competition, student Shi Mingqiang said that the mainland government and universities fully support the students in artificial intelligence innovation and technology transformation, which can integrate resources effectively and create favorable conditions for students. Meanwhile, the mainland university students have a solid theoretical foundation and strong hands-on practical ability. All these are worth learning for university students in Macao.

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