S.U.M.U.S.T. Running Club participates in the 2022 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon The third time won the Active Group Trophy

The 41st Macao International Marathon was officially launched on December 4th, 2022. The Running Club of S.U.M.U.S.T. organized students from M.U.S.T. to communicate of event information since October, and arranged running warm-up activities for students who had registered for the event, and the students who love running. Learn more knowledge of running, and minimize the risk of injury during the competition. Let the students get well prepare for the competition. At the same time, S.U.M.U.S.T. Running Club also organized students join the Active Group Trophy. The number of students from M.U.S.T. has increased significantly from 88 people to 115 people compared to last year.

Through the efforts of the students, S.U.M.U.S.T. Running Club got the highest number of completions and represented M.U.S.T. and won the School’s Active Group Trophy for the third time. We hope that through the promotion of running, more students can develop sports as a daily habit and enjoy the sport games.