23/24 Academic Year Moral Education Event Series – “Integrity Tour Classroom – Integrity Experience Program for Youth”

The Moral Education Series Event Series – “Integrity Tour Classroom – Integrity Experience Program for Youth” organized by Student Affairs Office of M.U.S.T., was held in November 15, 2023, at Taipa Branch Office of the Commission Against Corruption(CCAC), Macao SAR. The event attracted over 45 students from various faculties who actively participated.

On the day of the event, staff from the Commission Against Corruption first delivered a lecture to the students, introducing the functions and nature of the CCAC, explaining the concept of corruption, and sharing real-life anti-corruption case studies. Following that, under the guidance of the CCAC’s staff, the students visited the multimedia exhibition room to learn about the development history of the CCAC since its establishment. They also had the opportunity to experience the interactive facilities within the office, including the 3D weapon display cabinet and touch-screen evidence display cabinet.

After the event, a student expressed that the activity allowed them to appreciate the tremendous efforts made by the CCAC in combating corruption and upholding integrity. He stated, "The CCAC actively investigates and prosecutes corruption, always maintains a zero-tolerance attitude. It is crucial importance for building a fair, honest, and trustworthy society. Furthermore, during the visit, I deeply grasped the concrete meaning of the inscription placed at the entrance, which reads: 'With an indomitable and persevering spirit, uphold fairness and justice, and fight against corruption.' This realization instilled a sense of respect and awe in me!"

Students are the future leaders of society, and it is crucial for them to establish the right values and maintain good moral conduct. The activity provided an enjoyable and interactive platform for students to learn about integrity, enhanced their awareness of lawfulness and ethical behavior. It is hoped that students, whether in their daily campus life or future careers, will remain vigilant when faced with corruption traps and uphold the principles of integrity and righteousness.