Course Description

Compulsory Courses

MBTZ01 Introduction to International Tourism Management (3 Credits)
Even though tourism is a cultural activity, its business aspect is also an important element. This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge concerning marketing, human resources management, financial management, destination planning, policy, environment and prospects in the tourism industry. Real life cases will also be discussed in order to give students a relatively comprehensive understanding of the tourism industry.

MBTZ02 Strategic Marketing Management for the International Tourism Industry (3 Credits) 
This course is designed to enable students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the business environment, with particular emphasis on the analyses of technological developments, the changing social environment and values, the impact of globalization on economic growth as well as the economic interdependence and uncertainty among nations. Upon completion of this course, students are expected to possess the capability to pursue thorough analysis of the fast changing tourism context with application of the concepts of strategic marketing management of tourism.

MBTZ03 Financial Management and Cost Control for Tourism Organizations (3 Credits) 
This course aims at developing the capacity of the students to grasp the principles of accounting, finance and cost control of the tourism industry. The focus is to equip students with the ability to independently solve problems regarding financial management and cost control arising in this industry. Special emphasis will be placed on detailed analyses of cash flows, asset management as well as labor cost control on food and beverage services.

MBTZ04  Tourism Research Methods (3 Credits)
It is the aim of this course to give students the essential research tools and skills that they will need as managers in the tourism industry. These will be rehearsed by students undertaking a study on a topic of their own choice through which they can develop the skills of planning, researching, reporting as well as the ability for writing a dissertation.


MBTZ05  Human Resources Management for the International Tourism Industry (3 Credits)
Students will learn concepts, theories as well as practical issues associated with human resources management. The aim of the course is to foster students’ ability in developing human resources management programs and in evaluating the potential problems of human resources planning in relation to the international tourism industry.

MBTZ06  Management Information Systems in Tourism Industry (3 Credits) 
This course is designed to provide students with an awareness of the functions of the information system technology in the tourism industry. The focus of the course is to enable students to gain an understanding and analysis of MIS and the various specific applications of the MIS models in the tourism industry. Students will also learn the uses of MIS in the tourism industry as well as to evaluate the potential impact of MIS on the future tourism industry.

Area of Specialization

Major: MICE and Event Management

MBTM01  Strategic Management of MICE and Events (3 Credits) 
This course will examine the planning, arrangement and organization of conventions, meetings and expositions. The focus is to explore the role and relationship of the major players in MICE and events and the importance of this sector in the overall tourism industry.

MBTM02 Planning and Operation Management of MICE and Events (3 Credits)
This course covers the planning and operation management aspects of MICE and events. The components and processes involved in developing and conducting meeting, conventions and events will be studied in depth in the course.

MBTM03  Term Project of MICE and Events (3 Credits) 
A case-study or internship approach to study the international conventions and events issues related to the tourism industry.

Major: Gaming Management

MBTG01  Operations of Modern Gaming Industry (3 Credits) 
This course covers the development of modern gaming industry, analysis of the gaming industry in Macau, gaming control and taxation, casino management structure, human resources training as well as the introduction to and promotion of gaming sociology.

MBTG02  Special Topics in Gaming and Casino Strategic Management (3 Credits) 
This course will discuss the development of the gaming human resources in Macau. Students will also learn the basic concepts of gaming sociology so as to analyze the contribution and side-effects of the gaming industry to the society. In addition, the basics of gaming mathematics will also be discussed to enable students to perform gaming resort seasonality analysis and forecasting, analyze the financial performance of casino as well as the decision-making process of casino project investments.

MBTG03  Term Project of International Tourism and Gaming Management (3 Credits) 
A case-study or internship approach to study the gaming management issues related to the international tourism industry.

Major: Tourism Planning and Management

MBTT01  Strategic Tourism Destination Management (3 Credits) 
This course will take a practical, intensive, idea-packed approach to marketing tourism destinations. It will examine how and why tourists make destination choices, and learn how to develop a strategic marketing system that emphasizes the destination's distinctive appeal. The way to carry out specific research on destination routes will also be studied. Through such researches, better monitoring, cost control and evaluation on tourism destinations can be achieved.

MBTT02  Services Management in Hotel and Tourism Industry (3 Credits) 
This course addresses the importance and current issues of service quality in nowadays rapid changing hotel and tourism industry and integrates with other functional management disciplines to fully implement the "Total Quality" actions in the hotel and tourism industry. Students also learn to establish an assurance system to monitor the quality of the outputs.

MBTT03  Term Project of Tourism Planning and Project Management (3 Credits)

With growing potential in the community-based tourism, the task of maintaining cultural and environmental integrity in small, fragile communities has never been more critical. With potential for quick economic gain, such integrity may be sacrificed to the shortsighted and harmful development schemes, causing the ultimate loss of both tourist spots and tourists. A case-study approach to planning and management issues related to the international tourism industry is adopted in this course.

Major: Hotel Management

MBTH01  Environmental Management for Hotels and Tourism Destinations (3 Credits) 
This course provides practical guidance for the hotel and tourism industry on improving environmental performance to contribute to successful business operations. It will also examine environmental review process, staff commitment, resource acquisition and allocation, leadership and team building as well as the prioritization of these areas. It also includes planning, goal setting, implementation, evaluation and review of processes.

MBTH02  Business Analysis for Hotel and Tourism Industry (3 Credits) 
The collection, analysis and interpretation of data are essential for planning, strategy development and problem solving in the hotel and tourism industry. This course introduces students to different approaches of business analysis so that they will be able to plan and evaluate business issues using vital research methodologies discussed in the course.

MBTH03 Term Project of International Tourism and Hotel Management (3 Credits) 
A case-study or internship approach to study the tourism and hotel management issues related to the international tourism industry.

MBTZ00 Thesis (12 Credits) 
The thesis requires students to engage in a detailed investigation into a topic selected in consultation with their thesis supervisor. The subject of study will be a relevant International Tourism Management issue reflecting the interests and experiences of the student.

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