Social Service Team of MUST held the 2020/2021 annual launching ceremony successfully

On November 2nd 2021, the 2020/2021 annual launching ceremony of MUST Social Service Team supervised by the Student Affairs Office was successfully held at N211.The head of the Student Affairs Office, Ms. Wong Ka Weng, the assistant executive officer Ms. Tam Kit Leng, the mentors Ms. Hao, Chi Wan,and Idy Lo Lo, and 45 members of the Social Service Team attended the ceremony.

Photo of the head of Student Affairs Office Ms. Wong Ka Weng (the fifth person from the left) with team members and the mentors from Student Affairs Office.

During the ceremony, the head of Student Affairs Office Ms. Wong Ka Weng affirmed the positive contribution of the social service team members in the past and encouraged the new team members to set goals, make full use of the platform of the social service team, combine theirexpertise, give full play to their talents in university life, pay attention to interpersonal communication, care about society, make achievements and have a care and sense of mission.

Ms. Wong stressed the theme of 「Service Learning」, hoping that students would have a rich learning experience on the MUST, and that the social service team would build up a community of dedicated service and let the community understand contemporary university students sprit. Ms Hao, Chi Wan also added that both new and old team members should not forget their original intention and try their best to make a difference and contribute to the community. Idy Lo encouraged the team members to deepen the concept of "learning" and to set goals based on expectations. In the process of social service, we will be able to give our love to others, develop time management skills, face difficulties, overcome them and make breakthroughs.

All team members swear an oath

Afterwards, in the presence of head of Student Affairs Office Ms. Wong Ka Weng and the mentor team, the team leader and deputy team leaders and the hostess led the team members in a swearing-in ceremony. After that, the Team Leader Tong Man Lok explained the structure of the Social Service Team's constitution and annual activity plan in detail and shared  her personal experience to inspire the new team members. Deputy team leaders Lin Yongyao, Zhou Chunyi and Wang zhuohui also explained the functions of the various departments to the new team members, re-emphasised the importance of not forgetting the original intention and encouraged them to actively participate in volunteer service activities. Finally, in recognition of the dedicated and outstanding performance of the team members last year, the Social Service Team presented a series of awards to the outstanding team members, namely the Highest Service Hour Award, Outstanding Performance Award and Enthusiastic Service Award.

The head of Student Affairs Office Ms. Wong Ka Weng presented the Outstanding Performance Award

The assistant executive officer Ms. Tam Kit Leng presented the Enthusiastic Service Award

The mentor Idy Lo presented the Enthusiastic Service Award

New members who participated in the launching ceremony said that the activity gave them a sense of warmth and enthusiasm to contribute to the community, and encouraged them to look forward to the future based on the team's past activities and annual plans.

The annual launching ceremony was an induction for new team members and a new start to the school year's activities. The ceremony enables the new members to better integrate into the social service team family and lays a solid foundation for future activities.