MUST Social Service Team successfully held the 52nd Caritas Macau Charity Bazzar-MUST Station

With the support of the Student Affairs Office of MUST and Culture and Sports Development Office of MUST, the 52nd Caritas Macau Charity Bazzar-MUST Station was successfully held at the Art Square of MUST Dim Zum on November 20th to 21st, 2021. The activity was led by MUST Social Service Team, which supervised by the Student Affairs Office of MUST. The team cooperated with MUST Art Troupe and other student societies. The head of the Student Affairs Office, Ms. Wong Ka Weng, the assistant executive officer, Ms. Tam Kit Leng and the group of activity mentors all attended the activity with support.

The bazzar raised by setting game booths and charity sale stands. There were also some performances during the activity. Scotland Bagpipe and Drum Team, Instinct, Singer Team of the University Choir, DMK and the other teams gave performances representing the Culture and Sports Development Office of MUST. Music Association, Dance Association and Jingwu Association presented pop song singing performance, Chinese Dancing performance and Taichi etc. Moreover, MUST Social Service Team of Student Affairs Office, MUST Psychological Team, student societies including MUST Volunteer Association, Drama Club, Wenjuan Club, Chinese Ancient MUST Civilization Society of student, MUST Public Relations Association, Board Game Friends Aggregate, MUST Running Club, MUST Outdoor Sport Association, School of Business Student Association, Faculty of Law Student’s Association, University of International College Student’s Association and the other student societies, which were 13 societies in total, joining in to design some interesting games and organize charity sales stands.

The head of the Student Affairs Office, Ms. Wong Ka Weng (in the middle) took a photo with the members of MUST Social Service Team and members from other student societies

The theme of the bazzar is “Dedication to learning, Sincerity for kindness”, which aiming at calling on the society to pay more attention to the people in need. Through raising money for the social service of Caritas Macau, we are able to help the poor, the elder and others in need. Student Affairs Office have sent the team representing MUST to participate in Caritas Macau Charity Bazzar for many years. Due to the pandemic, Caritas Macau encouraged participants to host small scale bazzars by themselves. The bazzar raised in the way of game booth and charity sales with tickets. However, in order to maintain the order during pandemic, the bazzar was only available to students and teachers of MUST.

In recent five years, MUST Social Service Team has always shown their support and participated in the bazzar. With the gaining experience and as the host of the activity, the team succeeded in making a more effective plan for venue setting and booth operation. This year, Social Service Team set three stands, including charity sale stand, DIY stand and happy balance beam. Various awards, enthusiastic posts and continuous performances had attracted numbers of teachers and students of MUST to visit the bazzar. Team members were also active and interacted with teachers and students energetically.  

At the end of the two-day activity, the leader of the bazzar and group leader of the planning department, Chen Weilin, said, “It is our first time hosting the Caritas Charity Bazzar in our campus. We hope that we are able to have a pleasant time with our friends in MUST this autumn. Thanks to the support of the Culture and Sports Development Office and Student Affairs Office, the bazzar is successfully held. We witnessed the event to be bulit up from “0 to 100” with all the support from our team members. There are no word to express gratitude and appreciation. We have come to a happy and full ending for Caritas Charity Sales Bazzar-MUST Station at the end of November. I won’t be too arrogant to say it as a perfect activity but I believe that it is an extraordinary experience for both MUST and Social Service Team. We hope that it can be a sparkling page for every participant’s memory! 

Team member Zhou Zilin said, “I can feel the enthusiasm for charity from every one of us, especially when some of the students learn about the aim and goal of this activity. They are willing to help those that they do not know. It helps to establish the friendly atmosphere of our campus. Team member Chen Ruoxi said, “The patience for the activity, proper arrangement for the games and the bravo performance from societies are some of the important issues for the success of the bazzar.” She also pointed out that it was not only a activity for student, but also a charity event for everyone.

Member of Scotland Bagpipe and Drum Team, Zhao Zhiyi said she was happy for participating in the performance and everyone prepared well. It was her first time to join the Macau Charity Sales Bazzar. She felt honoured to be there and considered it as a meaningful experience. She harvested joy and made a contribution to the people in need in Macau at the same time.

Caritas Macau now has more than 60 service units, including elderly service, the disabled, family, infants, teenagers, societies, hotline service, short-term food supply service provide, service for the homeless. They also help people in need to return to the society, set some basic facilities to help the disabled people to go out without boundaries and help the foreign workers etc. Money raised by the Caritas Macau-MUST Station will be all donated to Caritas Macau for charity. 


Performance of Instinct

Performance of DMK

Performance of the Scotland Bagpipe and Drum Team

Chinese Dance performance of the Dance Association

Taichi performance

The singing performance of the Music Association

Game booth of student society

Game booth of student society

Game booth of student society

Paper bags DIY Stand of Social Service Team

Recycling Bag DIY Stand of Social Service Team

 Sales stand of MUST Social Service Team of the Student Affairs of MUST

The Head of the Student Affairs Office, Ms. Wong Ka Weng (the third from the right) and the group of activity mentors attended the bazzar to show their support (from the left to right: Ms Cheong Wai Ian, Ms Hao Chi Wan, Ms Liang Qian Yi of the Student Affairs Office, The Head of the Student Affairs Office, Ms. Wong Ka Weng the group leader of planning department & the leader of the activity Chen Weilin, the assistant executive officer, Ms. Tam Kit Leng)

Team members of Social Service Team took a photo together at the end of the bazzar