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Hongming Zhang Chair ProfessorMacau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.) is the largest university in Macao, founded more than 20 years ago in a city with a history of more than four centuries. As the second largest in terms of the number of teaching staff, the University International College (UIC), established a decade later, has served as a window for the university’s international exchanges. As a young college born in a place with a long and rich tradition, UIC, through continued self-improvement, continues to pursue its mission to educate people, serve society, and communicate with the world. We are committed to cross-linguistic and intercultural studies, extensive international exchanges, and inter-university cooperation. We aim to cultivate, for Macao and the Greater China region, a new generation with cross-linguistic and intercultural communication skills.

UIC currently offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Foreign Language Studies ​​(English, Portuguese, and Spanish), MA and Ph.D. degrees in International Chinese Education, and Ph.D. in Creative Writing. In addition, UIC also provides opportunities that foster international exchanges, such as academic sharing with overseas universities, student exchange programs, and study abroad programs. The future vision of M.U.S.T. is to become a university with an international reputation in the Greater Bay Area, and a well-known private university in Asia; the university will be more international, more innovative, and more humanistic. As an important component of the university’s strategic development, UIC promotes humanities education and international exchanges. Its mission is not only to train students to use foreign languages ​​or Chinese as a skill, but more importantly, to enhance students’ ability in cross-linguistic and intercultural communication. UIC will keep pace with the times, carry out its exploration and reforms in teaching and research, integrate teaching resources of related departments such as foreign language, Chinese, humanities, and social sciences, going beyond the confines of language skills-based courses in curriculum design and training programs, and incorporate classics courses in the humanities so as to provide students with a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, international, and diversified education.

In the next five to ten years, UIC will strive to explore the global educational frontier, seek opportunities for collaborating with universities at home and abroad, and provide students with dual-degree courses. Additionally, UIC will focus on the following areas in the future: international Chinese language education, foreign language education, linguistics, language processing, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, intercultural studies, creative writing, education, and translation.

Welcome to the UIC family, where we can work together to make full use of the colorful mosaic of Eastern and Western cultures in Macao to bring a better mutual understanding between the world and the Greater China area.


Hongming Zhang

Chair Professor

Dean, University International College

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