2022 Graduates of the University International College (UIC) Pursue Further Study in Prestigious Universities of the World

The 2022 graduating class of the University International College (UIC) of the Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.) has reported that many outstanding graduates have been admitted to postgraduate programs at well-known universities at home and abroad. These schools include University College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Barcelona, ​​Johns Hopkins University, New York University, King's College London, Durham University, University of Manchester, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, Lund University in Sweden, University of Glasgow, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It is worth mentioning that this year, more of our graduates have been admitted to postgraduate programs of diverse majors that ever before, including interdisciplinary programs and cross-language programs. In other words, foreign language studies graduates are no longer limited to the study of language, showing brighter prospects for further studies.

UIC is committed to cross-language and cross-cultural teaching and research; it conducts extensive international exchanges and inter-school cooperation; in response to demand, it cultivates a new generation of cross-language and cross-cultural communication talents in Macau and the Greater China region, making them capable of inheritance and updater of humanistic China with global communication ability. UIC has programs including three tracks of Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language Studies (Spanish, Portuguese, and English), and three postgraduate programs: Master of Arts in Foreign Language Studies (Spanish, Portuguese, and English), Master in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL), PhD in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (DCFL), and PhD in Creative Writing. UIC also boasts the Center for International Education, Macau (CIEM) and Macau Center for Research of Latin America (MCRLA), which continue to provide M.U.S.T. students with opportunities to study abroad.

Testimonials from Graduates:

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Bachelor of English Studies, Huang Hanjun

Admitted by: UCL - Education, University of Edinburgh - Education, King's College London - TESOL, Durham University - Education

My four years of college flew by in a blink of an eye! As the seasons changed, under the guidance of my teachers at UIC, my foreign language level and academic research ability improved by leaps and bounds. At the same time, I also gradually clarified the direction of my future. The curriculum and teaching methods of UIC are diverse and exhibit different global characteristics. While focusing on knowledge acquisition, they also pay attention to the cultivation of skills such as interpersonal communication, teamwork, and critical thinking, laying a solid foundation for students to go abroad for further study. I am very grateful to M.U.S.T. and my teachers at UIC for their sincere teachings.


a22072801 02

Bachelor of Portuguese Studies, Chen Siyun

Admitted by University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Queensland

Life is made up of various stages. The stage of my life that I spent at M.U.S.T. has benefited me a lot.

I will remember the past four years vividly - the careful teaching of my teachers as well as the solidarity and friendship of my classmates. So, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for my teachers and classmates.

Ms. Yang Jiang once said, "No matter where you are, there are always people looking up to you and people looking down on you. You are diffident when bowing your head and arrogant when lifting your nose to the sky. Only by looking straight ahead and squarely at yourself can you see your true self." Therefore, I sincerely thank M.U.S.T., in the last four years, for giving me the confidence to climb higher and walk further, for teaching me how to think independently, while guarding against arrogance and impatience, and for helping me understand that the only to improve is to be my best self.


a22072801 03

Bachelor of Portuguese Studies, Xu Shiyue

Admitted by University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, Durham University

For me, my four years at M.U.S.T. were without regrets. Not only did I realize my original dream of taking a step forward, but I also experienced a crazy and free youth. In the Ivory Tower of the university, I met a group of wonderful people who accompanied me through a peaceful, simple, and happy four years. I explored in a free and open learning environment and discovered my potential in rich club activities. The small island of Macau has also provided me with sufficient nourishment, and I will never forget every sunset on Coloane, the rushing crowds on San Ma Lo, and every gathering and departing hug.


a22072801 04

Bachelor of Spanish Studies, Xie Yuqian

Admitted by University College London, King's College London

Language is an important window to understand the world because different languages ​​contain the cultural traditions and ways of thinking of different peoples. Learning a foreign language is a process of constantly broadening one's own cognition and understanding the differences and commonalities among cultures. More importantly, the literature and art that I love also use language as a medium. To understand foreign literature directly and accurately, I have chosen the path of language learning more firmly.

When I first began learning Spanish, the teachers who introduced me to the subject, Pilar and Silvia, used immersive teaching approaches, which led me to fall in love with Spanish culture. With ample encouragement for this enthusiasm for learning and the help of all the teachers at UIC, I did my best to overcome the difficulties encountered in the learning process, and tasted the joy of learning language and literature. In my final academic year, I fulfilled my dreams by being admitted to the Master of Arts program from UCL and KCL! In the future, I will continue to make unremitting efforts on the road of literature as always!


a22072801 05

Bachelor of Portuguese Studies, Qian Jinjin

Admitted by Johns Hopkins University, New York University

The four years at M.U.S.T. have been a journey filled with happy surprises in my life. The freedom and openness, tolerance, and respect of M.U.S.T. have given me the courage and confidence to move forward towards the future. I will never forget the overnight review in the library, any my busy and fulfilling study life; the discussions with group members before every presentation; the reception of the former Portuguese Ambassador as the master of ceremonies; or the packed hall of every “Seminars by Masters”.


a22072801 06

Bachelor of Spanish Studies, Sang Ziqi

Admitted by University of Barcelona

My four years of undergraduate study not only brought me rich professional knowledge, but also important enlightenment for my future planning. I was tossing and turning between dreams and reality, and it was the education and opportunities at UIC that pointed the way for me to move forward and attain such a great achievement. No pain, no gain. The four years at M.U.S.T. offered me the opportunity to enter my dream school. The moment I received my admission letter, it seemed to weigh a thousand pounds in my hand, and it was indeed worth more than ten thousand taels of gold in my opinion. This is the greatest affirmation that the four years of my undergraduate academic career was never in vain.

Now I am about to go to an unfamiliar yet familiar country, which is a romantic and artistic place. I look forward to a new life experience there with a heart full of curiosity.


a22072801 07

Bachelor of English Studies, Huang Yuhan

Admitted by University College London

Sometimes accompanied sometimes alone, stay awesome all the time.

In the past four years, the advanced teaching environment in M.U.S.T. and Macau’s rich and diverse cultural life have given us inspiration and space to freely imagine the future and gave us full reign to enjoy life to the utmost. It also allowed me to develop a strong interest in education, language, and the world through calm and fulfilling study, and to establish myself through countless exercises to discover a better self. I was extremely fortunate to meet so many knowledgeable instructors who were both teachers and friends, and bosom buddies with whom I shared mutual encouragement and made progress together. The reason why this long journey has been so meaningful is because all of you were by my side.

May everyone who shares this happiness have a bright future and a happy life! I also wish M.U.S.T. more excellent graduates and a brighter future. The triumphant song of the present will continue into the future!


a22072801 08

Bachelor of English Studies, Wang Bojun

Admitted by Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University

An essential part of youth is the exploration of difficulties. What surprised me most about M.U.S.T. was its enthusiasm for exploring the unknown and its calm and rigorous logic. I sincerely thank all the teachers for their teaching and encouragement. It is my most genuine expectation for the future to do my best to inherit this spirit of sincerity.

Thanks to M.U.S.T. for accompanying me to the other side of the world.

In 2022, the outstanding graduates of UIC continue to attract the attention of famous universities at home and abroad. In planning for the future development of UIC, Dean Zhang Hongming stated that UIC will further strengthen global awareness, grasp the opportunities of cutting-edge education worldwide, and seek cooperation between universities at home and abroad to offer better options for students. We welcome everyone to join the big family of the UIC at M.U.S.T., work together, make full use of the advantages of Macau’s fusion of Chinese and Western cultures, facilitate international cultural exchanges, and jointly spread Chinese cultural excellence to the rest of the world. Thus, we forge ahead firmly with the mission of introducing China to the world and bringing the world back to China.

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