The Consulate General of Spain Prize for the Promotion of Spanish Language and Culture

This prize is for the promotion of the Spanish Language and Culture and is the result of a close cooperation between the University International College (Macau University of Science and Technology) and Cultures and the Consulate General of Spain in Hong Kong.

Details of the regulations are as follows:

  1. The prize is for students who are currently enrolled in the Spanish program (fourth year) in the University International College (Macau University of Science and Technology).
  2. There are three prizes to be awarded with a value of HK$5,000 each.
  3. The prize money can only be used to help cover tuition fees and related expenses of courses in Spain of the current year or next year (2023 or 2024). If the coronavirus situation improves to the point that travel restrictions are lifted and students can travel to Spain, the award can be used for travelling/living expenses while in Spain.
  4. In order to officially be awarded the prize, students must prove that they have applied for a course in Spain.
  5. To enter the selection process, students must be one of the best 5-6 GPA holders at their grade.
  6. Candidates will be invited to an interview in Spanish with the Selection Panel from which the winners will be selected. The winners will be announced within the week of the interview. There may be an official prize giving ceremony which will take place during the 2023- 24 academic year at The Macau University of Science and Technology. Students are required to attend except in cases of force majeure.
  7. The Panel’s decision is final.
  8. The winners of the prize may be asked to submit a report after taking the course in which they must write about their experience. S/he must submit an official certificate issued by the host institution where the following information is specified: - Name of the course attended - Level of the course attended - Duration of the course attended - Grade obtained. The report can be used by the Consulate of Spain or the University International College (Macau University of Science and Technology) for the promotion of the Spanish language and culture.




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