M.U.S.T.'s 35 scholars named to "Top 100,000 Scientists in the World" list

According to the "Top 100,000 Scientists in the World" ranking released in March 2022, 35 scholars from MUST are on the list! Among them, 13 are ranked in the top 500 scholars and 27 are ranked in the top 5,000 scholars in their disciplines, including clinical medicine, pharmacology, biology, materials science and engineering, environmental science and engineering, control science and engineering, and computer science and technology. AUST has scholars in many disciplines, and many of them are ranked among the top scholars in the world and in China, demonstrating the rising academic influence of MUST in related disciplines.

The ranking is based on the billion dollar literature database of the Global Scholar Database, using AI information processing and mining technology, and is calculated based on core indicators related to papers, such as research output, journal ratings, citation frequency of papers, paper types, authorship ranking, etc. Compared with other scientist rankings, this ranking has the advantage of rich indicators, which is conducive to reflecting the comprehensive academic influence of scholars.

The scholars selected by MUST include Acting Dean of the School of Chinese Medicine and Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Yiqin Zhu; Associate Dean of the School of Business, Tung-Sun Chen; Associate Deans of the School of Medicine, Kang Zhang and Weiji Lin; Head of the Department of Engineering Science, School of Innovation and Engineering, Nai-Chi Wu; Professors Mengchu Zhou, Zhiwu Li and Jianzhou Wang; Distinguished Professors Feiyue Wang, Qinglai Wei and Zengguang Huynh; Head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Director of the Australia-Suzhou Joint Research Centre for Advanced Functional Materials, Shu-Tang Li; and Executive Dean of the Department of Engineering. Li Shutang, Director, Tang Jianxin, Executive Department Chair, Liu Zhuang, Chi Lifeng, He Yao, Jie Jiansheng, Kang Zhenhui, Li Yanguang, Li Youyong, Liao Liangsheng, Sun Baoquan, Professor, Ma Yibing, Department Chair, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Zou Zhigang, Zhou Yong, Li Songxiao, Liang Yingkuang, Distinguished Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Yao Xiaojun, Professor, State Key Laboratory of Chinese Medicine Quality Research, Zhong Nanshan, Wang Jun, Ding Jian, Luo Luo, Zhanguo Li, Zhong Zhanguo, Zhong Zhanguo, Wang Jian, and Wang Jianzhou. The lectures were given by Professors Zhong Nanshan, Wang Jun, Ding Jian, Luo Guoan, Li Zhanguo, Zhong Weide, and Adjunct Professor Liu Liang.

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Ranking query link: http://www.globalauthorid.com/WebPortal/EliteOrder