Young Scholars Program

1. Purpose of the plan

In order to effectively combine the advantages of the human resources and research resources of the Mainland and Macao to cultivate high-level innovative young talents, after consultation between the Office of the National Postdoctoral Management Committee and the Macao Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology, it was decided to jointly implement the joint training of postdoctoral researchers program, referred to as the Macao Young Scholars Program ( hereinafter referred to as the Program).

2. Organizational management

(1) Organizational structure

Office of the National Postdoctoral Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as "Bohou Office")

Macao Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Macao Association for Science and Technology")

(2) Management duties

Shared Responsibilities:

  1. Negotiate and formulate relevant policies, agreements and implementation rules of the plan;
  2. Implement the plan to fund the funds.

Post-Bo Office:

  1. Organize the application of the plan and the first round of selection of applicants;
  2. Coordinate the relationship between the selected personnel of the plan (hereinafter referred to as the selected personnel) and the dispatching units in the Mainland;
  3. Coordinate and guide the management and service work of the dispatching units for the selected personnel.

Macao Association for Science and Technology:

  1. Organize and implement Macao training units and scientific research projects;
  2. Examination and approval of the qualifications of Macao training units and cooperative tutors;
  3. Organize the determination of the final list of selected personnel;
  4. Assist in handling the procedures for selected personnel to go to Australia;
  5. Coordinate and supervise the management of scientific research activities such as the macao training units on the living arrangements of the selected personnel during their stay in Macao, as well as the training and assessment of the selected personnel.

(3) Executive Mechanism

The China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation") has been designated by the Bohou Office as the mainland implementing agency for the scheme.

The Secretariat of the Macao Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Secretariat) is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Programme. The Macao Association for Science and Technology will establish the Academic Committee of the Macao Young Scholars Program (hereinafter referred to as the Academic Committee), which is responsible for reviewing the qualifications of cooperative tutors, supervising the progress of the project and evaluating the annual report.

(4) Deliberative mechanisms

The planning management department holds a joint meeting once a year, which is hosted by the Bohou Office and the Macao Association for Science and Technology in turn. The meeting exchanged and summarized the implementation of the plan for the year, and resolved the problems that arose through consultation. In exceptional circumstances, joint meetings may be convened on an ad hoc basis.

3. Contents of the plan

(1) Implementation framework

In accordance with the principle of "Individual Application, Unit Recommendation, Expert Review, Merit-based Admission", the Mainland Doctorate is selected to be sent to the designated training unit in Macao every year, and under the guidance of the cooperative supervisor, the postdoctoral research work is generally two years, and the cumulative working time of the selected personnel in Macao should not be less than 20 months. According to the situation of the central financial budget, no more than 30 people are dispatched every year.

(2) Qualifications of applicants

Fresh or recently graduated doctoral students (generally within three years of graduation), postdoctoral researchers at the station, and on-the-job teaching and research personnel, the age is generally not more than 35 years old. Applicants must be recommended by the mainland postdoctoral research station and workstation.

(3) The identity of the selected personnel

The selected personnel who are postdoctoral researchers in the mainland shall go through the registration procedures for entering and leaving the station in the mainland dispatch units, and the status of postdoctoral contract researchers in Macao shall apply for work visa procedures in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Macao government. The selected candidates are required to work in postdoctoral research in Australia under the guidance of a co-supervisor.

(4) Areas of expertise funded

The areas of expertise to which Macao is funded under the Scheme include:

  1. Traditional Chinese medicine (biomedicine, clinical biology, bioinformatics, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, etc.);
  2. Microelectronics (microelectronics and solid state electronics, electronic information science and technology, physics, analog and hybrid circuits, etc.);
  3. Lunar and planetary sciences (physics, applied mathematics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, computer science and technology, atmospheric science, space physics, information science, remote sensing science, etc.).
  4. Smart city Internet of Things (intelligent perception, network storage and transmission, big data analysis and control, smart energy Internet of Things, intelligent transportation, public safety monitoring and disaster prevention, etc.).
  5. Other professional fields that currently have the foundation and potential for development in Macao, have outstanding academic experts, and can promote the future development of scientific and technological innovation in Macao, especially in the field of applied science and technology that is moderately diversified in line with Macao's economy.

(5) Selection methods

The Post-Bo Office organizes experts to conduct a preliminary selection of applicants. Applicants who pass the primary selection will be contacted directly with the co-tutor within a certain period of time. Once the applicant and the co-tutor have agreed, they should jointly write the research proposal and submit the application form to the Secretariat. Each applicant who passes the primary selection may fill in at least two co-mentors. The Macao Association for Science and Technology organizes the final evaluation of the personnel and notifies the Bohou Office of the selection results.

In general, the selected personnel are required to submit relevant materials to the Macao training unit to go through the formalities for going to Macao within 3 months of the issuance of the notice of election, and go to Macao to carry out research work within 6 months. If it is impossible to arrive in Macao on time due to force majeure, the mainland dispatch unit of the selected person shall report to the Bohou Office and the Macao Association for Science and Technology in advance.

(6) Funding funds

According to the principle of reciprocity, the funding for each selected person shall be borne by the Mainland of 180,000 yuan per person per year, and Macao shall bear the annual funding of MOP 210,000 per person, and the funding period shall be two years. The nature of the Mainland's funding is that of the central government, and the Macao funding is generally paid by the co-mentors from their project research funds. The subsidy funds are used to cover the living expenses of the selected personnel, housing subsidies, medical insurance in Australia and round-trip travel expenses.

Macao training units assist in providing self-funded medical service plans, and except in special circumstances, selected persons are required to purchase them at their own expense. Macao training units may provide school dormitories (at their own expense) according to the availability, and the selected personnel can also arrange their own accommodation. The co-mentor is responsible for all other expenses of the research work (e.g. consumables, experimental instruments, travel expenses, attendance at international conferences, etc.).

(7) Eligibility for co-mentor applications

All co-mentors who serve in universities or research institutions recognized by the Macao Government and are willing to provide program funding must be full-time associate professors or above at the same level, have international standards or characteristics in research, have successfully supervised doctoral students or postdoctoral fellows, show that there have been reasonable research outputs in the past 3 years, and have good research facilities and conditions. The research projects provided by the co-mentors should be in the advantageous professional fields of Macao funded by the Scheme, and there are sufficient project funds to pay the salaries of the selected personnel.

The Academic Committee is responsible for reviewing the academic level, research strength, research team, research projects and funds of the co-tutors. If necessary, the Secretariat may request the unit of the co-mentor to assist in the verification.

(8) Assessment and outbound management of selected personnel

Macao training units shall conduct an annual assessment of the selected personnel. The selected candidates are required to submit an annual report (including project research results and related materials, etc.) to the Secretariat in conjunction with the co-mentors. The annual report shall be approved by the Macao Training Unit and submitted to the Academic Committee for review.

The selected personnel shall write a final report after completing the research work, and after review by the Macao training unit, report to the Macao Association for Science and Technology for approval, and issue a confirmation letter for their return to the mainland, and the project personnel shall return to the mainland dispatch unit within two months to handle the postdoctoral outbound filing procedures.

(9) Results-based management

The ownership, use and transfer of intellectual property rights formed by the selected personnel engaged in project research in Macao shall be carried out in accordance with the agreement signed between the Macao training unit and the selected personnel. Mainland dispatching units enjoy the right of priority in the transfer of research results. When the selected personnel publish papers or scientific research achievements related to the research projects funded by the Scheme, the Macao Training Unit shall be the first unit, and shall indicate that the research (achievements, papers) is funded by the Macao Young Scholars Program.

If there are relevant results in the research projects funded by the plan within 3 years after the end of the funding period, the selected personnel and their co-mentors must report to the Bohou Office and the Secretariat.

4. Other matters

(1) Regarding breach of contract

The management method of "contract dispatch and breach of contract recovery" is implemented for the selected personnel. Before going to Australia, the selected personnel should sign an agreement with the mainland dispatch unit and agree on the security deposit. The liability for breach of contract between the selected personnel and the Australian training unit shall be recovered by the Australian party in accordance with the relevant postdoctoral employment agreement.

If the selected personnel do not submit their annual reports as scheduled in accordance with the regulations, the disbursement of funding funds may be suspended; those who have not made up the report within 3 months of the deadline shall be deemed to have automatically abandoned the follow-up funding and shall not apply for the plan again. If the selected personnel submit the final report for more than 3 months after the deadline, they will not be able to go through the outbound filing procedures in both places. If the selected personnel perform poorly or withdraw from the middle for other reasons, the co-mentor must notify the Bohou Office and the Secretariat within 1 month, and the two sides will negotiate the disposal method.

(2) About extensions

If the selected personnel need to extend the exchange time due to the needs of the research project, they shall be jointly approved by the Bohou Office and the Macao Association for Science and Technology. The extension period shall be up to one year, and the funding during the extension period shall not be lower than the plan standard, and shall be borne in full by the Macao co-operation tutor.

(3) About academic exchanges

In order to understand the research progress and latest achievements of the selected personnel and enhance academic exchanges among scholars, academic exchange meetings will be held regularly.

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