Results appraisal process

1. Scientific research achievements include the following five items:

  1. Scientific research achievements in the form of published or published monographs, compilations, translations, reference books, papers, audio-visual products, etc.
  2. Equipment, apparatus or computer software developed or developed.
  3. Results of patented rights.
  4. Apply research results such as the appraisal of achievements presided over by relevant departments and the research consultation report submitted to relevant departments.
  5. Other forms of scientific research.

2. The patent rights of scientific research project results, the copyright ownership of software and audio-visual publications shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the project and the contract documents.

Unless specified, the ownership of patent rights, copyrights in software and audiovisual publications shall be vested in the University. Under normal circumstances, the copyright of books produced in scientific research projects belongs to the author. Unless the author is not a faculty member of the University and the University has otherwise provided for copyright when entering into an agreement with the author.

3. The protection of ownership of scientific research results shall be implemented with reference to relevant laws of Macao and the world

The application for the protection of ownership of scientific research results shall be carried out uniformly by the Scientific Research Management Office.

Details of the principles for the evaluation and classification of academic achievements of university teaching and research personnel can be found in the Measures for the Evaluation of Academic Achievements of Macau University of Science and Technology (2022).