1. What are the FDCT's latest project limits?

The Project Leader (PI) can undertake up to 3 projects under research, as detailed in the current management measures of the FDCT


2. Can the FDCT Joint Project Agreement be stamped with the official seal of the College?

FDCT accepts the stamp of the Academy, but as to whether it meets the requirements of the mainland partner, it needs to be confirmed by pi and the partner)

3. Can the FDCT joint project have a Partner from Macau?

(According to the notice of the fund, if macau university of science and technology is the main applicant, it is possible to own the partner in Macau, but it should be noted that all the funds applied for should belong to the Macau University of Science and Technology, and the partners in Macao cannot apply for any funds from it)

4. Does the FDCT Joint Project Agreement need to include the amount of the application?

According to the requirements of the fund, the agreement must contain the necessary information such as the specific amount of the application and the proportion of funds allocated.

5. How long does the FDCT Joint Project Agreement signing process take?

(As a rule of thumb, it generally takes at least a week, but it takes longer if the leader travels and receptions)

6. What are the technical maturity criteria for the FDCT application form?


7. Are the word limits for FDCT applications strictly adhered to?

(Please PI strictly abide by the word limit, if the situation is really not allowed, please also do not exceed too much PI, more than a few hundred words is within a reasonable range)

8. Does the FDCT program applicant for local membership have to hold a work permit in Macau?

All local project members must hold a legal work permit in Macau: Identification Card for Non-resident Employees)

9. Can the FDCT project application form be filled out in simplified characters?

When filling in, you need to use all traditional characters, and you should avoid the situation of sharing between traditional and simple characters

10. What should I do after receiving an email from the Office of Scientific Research regarding the start of the application for the FDCT project?

(New teachers can log in to the fund's account opening system (https://apps.fdct.gov.mo/ams/public/account/step1.faces) to submit an account opening application, and need to fill in the correct name and affiliation; they need to use the Macao legal work certificate as the completed document (Macao Non-resident Employee Identification Card; Macao Permanent or Non-Permanent Identity Card),) You also need to use the university email address and the local mobile phone number in Macau to open an account.)

Finance, reimbursement of funds, etc.:

1. Which projects can be declared to the Scientific Research Administration?

A: In accordance with the university's arrangement, the Scientific research office is currently mainly responsible for handling the following projects: science and technology development fund (FDCT) project, higher education fund (DSEDJ) project, and other horizontal projects funded by Macao government agencies. In addition, the Zhuhai Research Institute project is also managed by the Scientific Research Office.

2. When can I use the project funds after the project is approved?

A: The project approval letter will indicate the project implementation time, as long as it is the project in the research period, in line with the scope of funding, can be declared. If the project has incurred expenses, it is recommended to file a single declaration as soon as possible.

3. What are the materials and steps that need to be prepared for project reimbursement?

A: The project team fills in the "Application Form for Expenses" (pink list), and attaches the relevant documents and materials related to the reimbursement content. For example, labor fees need to be attached to the personnel's valid and legal work certificate, short CV, etc. The documents required for the relevant reimbursement requirements can be consulted in the documentation of the Department of Scientific Research in Wemust. In addition, the Scientific Research Office will hold a project reimbursement briefing every year and recommend the active participation of project team members.

4. After the project fund declaration, what else does the project team need to do?

A: After the project team submits the reimbursement documents, the Research Office will follow up according to the internal process of the university. If a purchase is required, the documents will be forwarded to the General Affairs Office of the University for follow-up. If there is any doubt about the reimbursement documents, the research colleagues will contact the project team by email to confirm. Please check the email at any time and reply in time for follow-up.

5. What is the payment method for reimbursement expenses in scientific research projects?

A: The labor fees of teachers on campus shall be paid by HR in the monthly salary according to the relevant regulations of the university; the expenses reimbursed by other personnel shall be paid by the Scientific Research Office in the form of a cheque and entrusted to the administrative colleagues of the college. Payments from suppliers are basically made by cheque or international money transfer.

6. Can I send money from Macau suppliers?

A: Local suppliers in Macau cannot send money. All payments from declared suppliers are required to provide a "Payment Request Form", including Macau suppliers.

7. How to deal with the handling fee arising from the refund/change of foreign exchange for project remittance?

A: In the course of the project research, due to the error in the beneficiary or supplier account provided in the "Payment Application Form", the additional costs such as foreign exchange refund/change of foreign exchange are borne by the project team or supplier.

8. What are the requirements for the header of the project fee bill?

A: It should be consistent with the name of the relying unit at the time of project application. The bill title should be filled in according to the requirements of the funding agency: such as FDCT, the invoice title should be: Macau University of Science and Technology, others do not need to fill in; the invoice title of Zhuhai Research Institute should be: Zhuhai M.U.S.T. Science and Technology Research Institute, unified social credit code: 5244 0400 3105 4809 8G, unit address: 1889 East Huandao Road, Hengqin New District, Zhuhai Room 401, Building 21, Creative Valley - 07 card slot.

9. How to inquire about the progress of supplier payment?

A: After the project team places a single order, the Scientific Research Office will follow up according to the process, if it involves procurement, it will be transferred to the General Affairs Office of the University for follow-up, and after the procurement is completed, the General Affairs Office will return the entire document to the Scientific Research Office. After the scientific research office pays the supplier's payment in the form of remittance, the scientific research colleague will send a bank reply email to the project team to follow up the colleague, please check it in time. After the project team colleague receives the email, please notify the supplier in time to check and provide the corresponding receipt!

10. What is the process of project budget adjustment?

A: The project leader sends an email to the Scientific Research Office to inquire about the use of project funds, and then fills in the budget adjustment form accordingly, submits it to the Scientific Research Office for review in the form of an email, and after confirming that it is correct, prints and signs it and submits it to the Research Office for follow-up and submission to the funding agency.

11. When the project is concluded, some expenses are not reimbursed, how to deal with it?

A: At the end of the project, the funds that the funding institution determines will not be reimbursed shall be returned by the project team to the university and transferred back to the funding agency.

12. How to fill in the financial data of the project annual report and the conclusion?

A: The financial data in the project report will be filled in by the Scientific Research Office. If the project leader wants to know the use of project funds, it is suggested that it can be queried by the "Scientific Research" module in the wemust system.

University Postdocs & Awards

1. How to apply for a postdoctoral inbound station

Download the postdoctoral application form from the wemust public document, complete it and attach the required attachments, submit it to the project leader and the head of the institute for signature and send it to the Research Management Office for review.

2. How is the postdoctoral pit stop time determined?

Under normal circumstances, after the university submits the postdoctoral application documents to the Cultural Affairs Department and the Labour Bureau, the time limit for government approval is 4 months, so the entry time is about four months after the application, and the actual entry time is subject to the final approval of the Labour Bureau.

3. How to apply for a postdoctoral exit

Ordinary postdoctoral fellows submit a written application for resignation to the Human Resources Department and the Scientific Research Management Office at the same time at least one month in advance, and download the postdoctoral resignation application form from the wemust public document, complete it and attach the required attachments at the same time, submit it to the project leader and the head of the institute for signature and send it to the Research Management Office for review.

4. Can a paper that has already been accepted apply for evaluation?

Accepted papers can not apply for evaluation, under normal circumstances, the officially published papers can apply for evaluation, such as the paper has been published online (online) and has DOI, can also be applied, the paper will be evaluated according to the actual situation when published online, after the official publication can not be repeated application or change.

5. How do I apply for a paper award after my academic paper has been published?

(To be confirmed)

Scientific research projects related

1. Why is there an on-campus deadline and an official deadline for project applications.

Deadline within the school: For the school review time, after the Scientific Research Office receives the teacher's application materials, it will carry out the basic form review, submit the school leader for review, and the school leader signs and confirm the process, and the above process must be completed before the official deadline.

Official Deadline: The specific time at which the funding institution closes to receiving applications.

2. What is the success rate of the project being approved?

At present, the funding agencies of vertical projects do not specify their funding ratios. In general, instructions will be given according to the declaration of the project and the quality of the project.

3. What materials do I need to prepare for project declaration?

In view of the different application requirements of each institution, specific materials should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the institution. In general, after receiving the notification from the funding agency, the Research Office will immediately convey the project application details to the teachers of each college in the form of e-mail and WEMUST information. In view of the different application requirements of each institution, please refer to the notification of the corresponding project for specific submission materials.

4. Fill in the budget when filing, is there any information related to other currencies?

If the budget needs to be declared in a uniform currency, it is recommended to use the selling price of the wire transfer on the same day, and the relevant screenshots need to be retained.

Journal related

1. Where can I get information about the University of Science and Technology Newspaper?

Ans: Contributors can search for "Research Management Office" in the "Academic Support Area" from the website of Macau University of Science and Technology, and click on the "HKUST Newspaper" to browse Relevant Information and Regulations.

2. What is the submission format/contract? Are there reference documents?

Ans: In order to improve the system and academic quality of the University of Science and Technology Newspaper, the Editorial Department has specially defined the final draft contract and the format of the manuscript for the contributors to follow. The relevant documents can be downloaded from the University Reporting Area of the Scientific Research Administration Division of the Macao University of Science and Technology website.

3. How long does it take to review an article?

Ans: The review schedule varies and does not have an accurate time. Generally speaking, after the editorial department receives the manuscript, it is sent to the library for review. After passing the preliminary examination, it will be submitted to the Editorial Committee to decide on the candidates for review experts. The Editorial Department will invite candidates to be invited to the secret review according to the recommendation, and the process takes half a month; If agreed, the Editorial Department will give 30 to 35 days for expert review. However, the above schedule is for informational purposes only, in view of the busy business of expert candidates and the actual situation Their timeliness are subject to that.

4. Do you have a page fee? Is there any remuneration?

Ans: The University of Science and Technology Newspaper is a comprehensive academic journal at home and abroad, and in order to encourage professionals from various fields to submit articles, this journal does not charge any page fee 。 In addition, the journal does not pay remuneration; if it is published successfully, the journal will give away four copies of the current period of the journal and fifteen copies of the articles. For relevant regulations, please read the manuscript of this journal in detail.

5. What is the procedure after the manuscript has been revised or re-reviewed?

Ans: If the manuscript review opinion is "revised and adopted", the editorial department will compile the expert opinions and send them back to the author, and the author should fill in the review opinion based on the review opinion Response form and send it back to the Editorial Department within the time limit; if the manuscript review opinion is "post-revision re-review", the process is the same as above, However, it will be submitted to the editorial committee to prepare expert candidates for the third review.

6. When will I receive the finished journal and the monograph?

Ans: After reviewing and revising, the Editorial Department will make an "Article Publication Confirmation Form" and submit it to the Editor-in-Chief for review. If the editor-in-chief believes that the manuscript is still perfect, it will be sent back for revision; if it is successfully passed, the editing department will immediately start typesetting and proofreading Industry, and then send the manufacturer to print the brush, the process takes 15 days to 30 days.

7. If there is plagiarism in the submission, can I re-submit the manuscript after the amendment?

Ans: According to the "Regulations on Rejection and Retraction" of this journal, if plagiarism is found after verification, this journal will reject the manuscript and record it in the case , no longer accept submissions from the same person.

8. If there is a violation of the rights of third parties, or a violation of relevant academic ethics, how will your journal deal with it?

Ans: For the above details, please refer to the "Rules on Rejection and Withdrawal" of this journal.

Zhuhai Research Institute related

1. If the new PI wants to transfer the project in the mainland (taking the National Natural NSFC as an example) to the Zhuhai Research Institute, what should be the process steps?

A: Brief description: Apply to the original unit - 2. Complete the information change of the online system - 3. Make payment - 4. Project approval - 5. Complete.

  1. The original relying unit agreed to transfer the project out. The teacher needs to present a certificate document of "the original supporting unit agrees to transfer out".
  2. Complete the information change of the national natural network system.
    1. The teacher can first learn about the relevant situation from the relevant person in charge of the original relying unit, and download the "Application Form for Changing the Information of the Relying Unit" from the National Natural Network System and complete the personal information.
    2. The Zhuhai Research Institute is responsible for coordinating the signing and sealing of the "newly transferred supporting unit" (i.e. Zhuhai Research Institute) part of the above-mentioned "Application Form".
    3. Retrieve the "Application Form" and mail it back to the original supporting unit. The original relying unit completes the information change of the online system.
  3. Punch. The Scientific Research Office reviews the information of the online system, and if the review is successful, it notifies the teacher to make a "payment" to the account of the Zhuhai Research Institute.
  4. Project. After the "payment" is completed, confirm the voucher information provided by both parties. If there is no doubt, inform the Scientific Research Management Office to start the project. The project needs to be provided by the teacher, if there is no doubt, the project is completed.
  5. The project was successfully transferred.
2. If the official seal of Zhuhai Research Institute needs to be used in the process of applying for a project or applying for a patent right, how should I apply?

A: If you have the "Scientific Research Project Recommendation Form" and have obtained the confirmation of the leaders of the competent department, you can send an email directly to the public mailbox of Zhuhai Research Institute mustzh@must.edu.mo; Just apply for a stamp.

If it does not fall under the above circumstances and is other circumstances for applying for a seal, it is necessary to fully explain the requirements for the use of the seal, and present the voucher of "agreeing to apply for the seal" approved by the relevant competent department leader, and send an email to the public mailbox of Zhuhai Research Institute.

3. Can Zhuhai Research Institute currently recruit postdoctoral fellows?

A: Zhuhai Research Institute has obtained the postdoctoral sub-station qualification in 2022, and all PI can recruit postdoctoral personnel at the postdoctoral sub-station of Zhuhai Research Institute.

4. Zhuhai Research Institute's scientific research work management system?

A: The scientific research management system of Zhuhai Research Institute has been partially revised on the basis of following the Regulations on the Administration of Scientific Research of Macau University of Science and Technology. Insiders can go to wemust system reference.

5. If researchers apply to settle in the institute, how should they operate?

A: After obtaining the consent of the head of the department, the applicant can send an email to the mailbox mustzh@must.edu.mo of Zhuhai Research Institute, submit an application for settlement, and obtain the "Application Form for Settlement". Complete the information in the application form, and obtain the signature and consent of the corresponding leaders of the department; return it to the Zhuhai Research Institute for review. Familiarize yourself with the requirements of the "Zhuhai Research Institute Settlement Management Regulations" and sign it;