Postdoctoral application

The basic requirements for postdoctoral applications:

  1. Have a doctorate and academic qualifications, and are generally under the age of 40.
  2. Applicants generally do not have more than three years to obtain a doctorate.
  3. There are already postdoctoral research work plans.

For details, please contact the Scientific Research Administration Office for the Measures for the Administration of Postdoctoral Fellowships of Macau University of Science and Technology and the Detailed Rules for implementation.

Attached is an introduction to the postdoctoral entry and exit station process.

Postdoctoral pit stop:

postdoctoral rules 1

  1. Inbound application process
  2. Postdoctoral signing agreement: Postdoctoral induction needs to sign the entry agreement (in duplicate, the lower right corner of each page needs to be signed by the postdoc himself and the president, and the last page is stamped), postdoctoral management rules (the lower right corner of the front and back pages need to be signed by the postdoc himself).
  3. Work permit archiving: Ask the postdoctoral officer to provide the work permit (non-blue card, a square piece of paper) given by the Sheriff's Bureau, and scan the archive
  4. Postdoctoral supervisor fill in the form: Give the blank pink form and the research member registration form to the postdoctoral fellow, and bring it back to the supervisor to fill in the form. 

Postdoctoral fellowship

postdoctoral rules 1

  1. Outbound application process
  2. Postdoctoral submission
  3. Check the information documents: check the date of entry and exit; the outbound report will list the documents to be submitted (published articles, corresponding documents).
  4. Signature and seal of the school office: Check it and send it to the school office for signature and seal