Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Laboratory


Room C501, at the 5th floor of Block C.




The AI and ML laboratory was established to explore the theories and technologies on the AI-related areas, with a focus on the researches and applications of cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, intelligent manufacturing and so on.




This laboratory has built a new generation AI super-computing system, designed mainly for the scientific computing, such as deep learning, machine learning and big data analysis. This system is consisted of three high performance GPU-based server clusters that equipped with 32 NVIDIA V100 GPU cards. It can provide powerful parallel processing capabilities reaching 4 PETA (4x10^15) FLOPS (floating-point computing per second). These supercomputers are also equipped with a high-capacity, high-speed SSD flash storage system over 100TB. Such improved performance enables lots of users to run their programs concurrently through the Docker containers technology.



Research Projects:

  1. STEP Perpetual Learning based Collective Intelligence: Theories and Methodologies,2019~2022.
  2. Face Structuralization Analysis Based on Video Spatial-temporal Information Modeling, 2019.08~2022.09
  3. Research on complex data analysis and knowledge acquisition based on multiple subtleties and three decision-making, 2019.08~2022.09
  4. Particle Computing Method for Information Fusion and Knowledge Acquisition of Multi-source Fuzzy Paste Data Set, 2019.08~2022.09
  5. Multi-modal human feature recognition algorithm and system, 2019.06~2022.06
  6. Intelligent Big Data Analysis for Biomedical and Astronomical Applications,2018.11~2019.11
  7. Research on living detection techniques in face recognition, 20118.10~2021.10
  8. Permanent learning based on overcoming contradictions, 2016.11~2019.11
  9. Research on the Theory and Method of Incremental Calculation of Attribute Reduction Based on Rough Set Model, 2016.03~2019.03

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