Computer Networks Laboratory


The Computer Networks Laboratory is designed for the undergraduate students to have the experiment related to the computer networks courses. The experiment includes network cabling, installation and configuration of network devices, analysis and application of network protocols, design and management of network systems.



Room B404, at the 4th floor of Block B.



CN101, Computer Networks

CN108, Computer Network Applied Technologies



The laboratory equips with a few groups of computer network systems designed for the students to learn the concepts of the communication technologies in LANs and WANs, and in Routing and Switching (Figure 1). These systems are located at a separated standard equipment room and can be remotely accessed through the computer terminals.

Lots of various enterprise-level network equipment exists in the laboratory, including advanced routers, Ethernet switches, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n wireless access points, and the tools for cable making and testing (Figure 2), allowing the students to practice the skills of network engineering in cabling, installation and troubleshooting.

The software of computer network simulator is installed (Figure 3) in the computers of the laboratory, used for the students to learn how to design and manage some typical medium-size to large-size network systems.

At last, as a Cisco Networking Academy in Macau over 10 years (Figure 4), the laboratory offers some training courses of the internationally recognized Cisco certification exams for the students and the staffs of the university, and thus helps lots of them to become professional network engineers in their career.

Figure 1. Computer network systems designed for teaching and learning.

Figure 2. Practicing the skills of network engineering.

networks 3

Figure 3. Software of computer network simulator

Figure 4. Awards of Cisco Networking Academy

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