Macau University of Science of Technology-YGSOFT Artificial Intelligence Joint Laboratory

Faculty of Information Technology of Macau University of Science and Technology established the “Macau University of Science of Technology-YGSOFT Artificial Intelligence Joint Laboratory” with YGSOFT Inc.

The joint laboratory will dedicate to provide the technical solution and consulting service for software enterprise, make full use of university scientific research resources to popularize and apply the scientific achievements in the industry with the software enterprise, provide the intelligent support for the enterprise personnel training. With the establishment of the joint laboratory, it will be an opportunity to take the joint laboratory as a platform, and set up a scientific system of IUR(Industry University Research) to advance on comprehensive cooperation between enterprise and joint laboratory, and then achieve the cooperation between enterprise and university, and make it a win-win situation between industry and university, in addition, the joint laboratory will promote the enterprise technological innovation through new scientific technology , enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the high and new technology moving towards the market and serve the national economy construction.