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Room C401B, at the 4th floor of Block C.




The main research direction of the communication and network laboratory is mobile communication technology and Internet technology. The third generation (3G) mobile communication research laboratory and IPv6 research laboratory were built in the early period. At present, the main research fields are the new generation of communication and intelligent computing technologies, including cognitive radio, Internet of Things, cloud computing, block chain, software definition network (SDN), network intrusion detection and defense.




The laboratory has set up an independent research network with a 1Gbps backbone network and an Internet outlet with an independent 50Mbps fiber connection. The laboratory has set up a private cloud system and SDN system independently. The cloud system connects to the N9K high-speed switch system dedicated to Cisco's new 1-generation data center, which provides 10 Gbps of connectivity to each individual port of the cloud system and a backbone connection between switches up to 40 Gbps. 

C401b C401b

Figure 1. Private Cloud System and SDN System 



Research Projects::

  1. Energy optimization of wireless sensor networks based on cooperative communication, 2019.12~2021.12
  2. Study and Verification of Fair Data Processing Scheme Based on Block Chain, 2019.08~2021.09
  3. Research on central control scheme under wireless distributed network, 2019.06~2022.06
  4. Design of non-orthogonal large-scale multi-antenna system based on ultra-Nyquist rate transmission, 2019.06~2022.06
  5. Research on multi-subcarrier frequency domain competition technology in Internet of Things environment, 2019.1~2022.12
  6. Data processing based on PoUW block chain, 2019.1~2022.12
  7. Environmental Scattering Communication Link Adaptive Transmission and Signal Detection Technology, 2018.12~2020.12
  8. Research on key technologies of ultra-dense networks, 2018.10~2021.09
  9. Research on Competition Protocol in Frequency Domain under Imperfect Synchronization, 2017.12~2019.12
  10. Research and implementation of evaluation, transmission and selection mechanisms for information center network services, 2017.03~2020.03
  11. Resource allocation and joint optimization of cloud wireless access networks, 2016.12~2018.12
  12. Design and analysis of wireless MAC layer protocol based on SDN, 2016.07~2019.07
  13. Design and analysis of wireless protocols under new technologies in physical layer, 2015.06~2017.05
  14. Performance analysis and design of energy-efficient polling strategies in wireless LANs, 2014.08~2017.07
  15. Large-Scale Wireless Self-Organizing Networks: Research on Performance Analysis and Performance Improvement (Large Scale Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Performance Analysis and Performance Analysis), 2014-2017
  16. Research on IPv6-based Mobile Communication Technology, 2008-2011

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