Signal Processing Laboratory


"The signal processing laboratory" is a fundamental and professional teaching laboratory. It can provide the experimental conditions and equipment for signal processing related subjects.



Room C402, at the 4th floor of Block C.



CE103, Digital Circuits

SP103, Digital Signal Processing Experiments

CE006, CAD for Electronic Circuits



The laboratory is equipped with advanced computers, PLD experimental systems (CPLD-PAC-1) and the “in-system" simulation and development software (IspLEVER Classic Project Navigator) with them, students can use the circuit schematics or hardware description language (ABEL- HDL, VHDL) to design the digital system and perform the its function simulation to verify the performance.

Virtual hardware emulation software “Proteus” can be used to finish hardware emulation with software simulation. This can provide various experiments with flexibility and greatly enhance the learning effect. Combining with the CPLD and FPGA experimental board, students can further test and realize true performance of the designed digital processing circuit.

This laboratory also has the digital signal processor (DSP) application simulation software (TI CCS5000) and DSP hardware simulation system (TDB-C5410), which can be efficiently programming and debugging to implement the TMS320C54xx-DSPs based applications.

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