Smart City and Optical Communication Laboratory


Room C503, at the 5th floor of Block C.




The smart city and optical communication laboratory had built a smart home laboratory and a smart transportation research laboratory in the early stage. The current research fields are mainly focused on new technologies for smart cities, and the use of information and communication technology and big data development to provide technical support for the safety and efficient management of cities, and actively explore the application of new materials in the Internet of Things.




  1. Integrated testing system for optical fiber sensor: optical fiber scanning laser testing system, optical fiber spectrometer, wideband light source, high and low temperature alternating hot and humid test box, function signal generator, optical fiber rotation, tensile test platform, high performance photoelectric detector, long period optical fiber grating recording system
  2. Micro-nano fiber processing and testing system: optical fiber taper drawing machine, DFB laser light source, microscope
  3. Long-period Fiber Bragg Grating Burning System



Research Projects:

  1. Research on Key Technologies of Augmented Reality, 2020~2022
  2. Development and Industrialization of Key Technology Platform for Virtual Reality Core Engine, 2019.01~2021.12
  3. Analysis and application of population behavior anomalies in large-scale urban space, 2018-2019
  4. Smart Advancement System: Core Technology and Applications, 2017.11~2018.12
  5. Research and Development of an Application for Image-based Crowd Counting,11~2019.06
  6. One-shot Learning and Data Analytics on Driving Behavior,2017.02~2019.12
  7. Research on key technologies in vehicular ad hoc networks,2011~2012
  8. Key Technology Research on Smart Home,2005~2007
  9. Living Single Cell Analyzer Based on Light Manipulation-Subitem, 2019.01~2023.12
  10. System opacity under some significant conditions, 2019
  11. Collaborative control and operation optimization of tree-shaped multi-assembly devices, 2018.10~2021.10
  12. Microoptical fiber on-line/in-line laboratory fabrication by femtosecond laser and its sensing applications, 2016.11~2019.11
  13. Study of surface plasmon and optical fiber integrated sensors, 2015.12~2017.11

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