Macau University of Science and Technology

Master in Applied Mathematics and Data Science

1. Master Program Objectives

This program is dedicated to cultivating high-level talents in applied mathematics and data science to satisfy the requirements in the business community, research institutions, and academia. Furthermore, developing the theories and applications of applied mathematics and data science required in cross-disciplinary research is the long-term goal to integrate the Big data processing in various industries, providing talents in big data analysis for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area.

2. Admission Qualification

The applicants with the bachelor degree within computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering, statistics, economics, biology, medicine, and similar disciplines can enroll in this program. According to the requirements of the program, the faculty will select the appropriate applicants to participate in the admission interview. After that, candidates who passed the interview, can join in the program.

3. Enrollment

Limited to the current teaching resources of the faculty, the maximum number of admission students for this program is tentatively set at 60. Applicants with excellent academic performance will be awarded the full or half award, provided by the Foundation of Macao University of Science and Technology. In addition, if the applicant has a good performance after entering the program, he or she will also have the opportunity to obtain institutional scholarships and research project allowances from supervisors.

4. Research Topic

Under the guidance of instructors, the topics of the thesis are mainly from (but not limited to) the following three research topics:

  • applied mathematics
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning

5. Academic Scope

The Master of Applied Mathematics and Data Science program is designed to study the big data processing and analysis algorithms, artificial intelligence algorithms and applications, application of mathematics, etc., as well as frontier academic research, such as deep learning, computer vision, natural language process, data science, etc.

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