Course Description


Doctor of Philosophy in Advanced Networking - Course Descriptions

Basic Core Courses

DINZ12 Academic Activities (2 credits)

This course aims to expand students' horizons, let students communicate face-to-face through academic seminars and other means, to obtain more up-to-date knowledge of advanced networking and etc.

DINZ01 Advanced Networking Theory (3 credits)

The purpose of this course is to impart a systematic framework and theory in depth on advanced networking to students. In addition to a comprehensive overview of the architecture and basic concepts of IP based internet and Internet of Things, the course would be focusing on the theory of network switching, routing and controlling, and on the design and optimization of computer networks. This course introduces not only the key technology in the research frontiers of computer networking, but also the main trends of future internet research and development.

DINZ02 Internet Architecture and its Security (3 credits)

This course aims to introduce the structure and functions of Internet Architecture, the working principle of the core communications protocols, and the basic method of security services.

DINZ11 Literature Survey and Thesis Planning (2 credits)

This course aims to let students learn the latest research development in Advanced Networking, to help students to know the unsolved problems and possible solutions in this field through literature survey, to lead students to choose suitable research directions so as to complete the selection of PhD research topics.

DINZ13 Dissertation (18 credits)

This course provides students one-to-one guidance of writing an academic thesis from the instructor, with the contents including basic steps of writing thesis, exploring research topics, literature review, research design, conclusions and future works. With the help of the instructor, students can select one topic from applied mathematics, data mining, machine learning and other related research directions and finally complete a professional thesis, confirmed by the instructor.

Elective Courses

DINE01 Network Communication Protocols Design and Analysis (3 credits)

This course aims to introduce the working principles of each layer protocol in the TCP/IP multi-layer model, and the design and analysis of new communication protocols.

DINE02 Network Routing Protocol and its Theory (3 credits)

Routing and switching are the fundamental mechanisms for Internet and other packet switching data networks. This course provides an in-depth discussion on the key issues for routing and switching. The topics to be covered in this course include the Internet architecture, the IP addressing and lookup, packet classification, traffic management, packet queueing and scheduling, quality-of-service (QoS), buffer management, packet switching architectures and algorithms, network traffic measuring, etc. The coverage of these topics will provide the students with a comprehensive understanding on how routing and switching are designed and implemented in modern routers, switches, and other network packet processing systems. The knowledge will also enable the students to conduct innovations in packet processing related research topics.

DINE03 Internet Measurement and Analysis (3 credits)

This course aims to introduce the working principles, key technologies, and analysis method of Internet.

DINE04 Cyberspace Mapping and Situational Awareness (3 credits)

This course aims to introduce the theory and technical method of the information acquisition and processing in the procedure of Cyberspace Mapping and Situational Awareness, and the new technologies to monitor and forensics for cyber-attack and abnormalities, including: device/virtual resource discovery, network topology analysis, landmark geolocation mining, IP geolocation mapping, user discovery and positioning, cognitive models, risk assessment, attack prediction and attribution, etc.

DINE05 Special Topics in Advanced Networking (3 credits)

This course aims to extend the horizon of students, enable students to learn the latest developments in Advance Networking field, through academic seminar/exchange activities and other face-to-face form with academicians/experts.

DINE06 Next Generation Internet (3 credits)

This course aims to introduce the advanced techniques and research in the next generation Internet.

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