Doctor of Philosophy in Advanced Networking

Macau University of Science and Technology

The purpose of the doctoral degree program is to cultivate high-level talents with a broad and solid theoretical foundation, systematic and in-depth professional knowledge, rigorous work style and excellent professional ethics, and the ability to independently engage in scientific research work, to be competent for scientific research, teaching and technical management in this discipline and related fields.

Students for this doctoral degree program are required to take 2 core courses, i.e., "Advanced Networking Theory" and "Internet Architecture and its Security", and 2 elective courses, as well as participate in at least 10 academic activities.

The choice of research topic for a student should be decided by your supervisor according to their research direction and the students' research interests. After the research proposal is approved, the student can start writing your dissertation dissertation.

Each student shall publish at least 2 SCI journal papers by first author, before applying for your doctoral dissertation defense.

Only those who have gained the required credits in the study plan and passed the doctoral dissertation defense can apply in accordance with the doctoral application procedure of Macau University of Science and Technology, and receive a doctorate degree.

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