Faculty Introduction

Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is a traditional industry in Macau, medical and health services are essential well-being of people's daily life. Pharmacists are the vital technical power that who can ensure the quality of medicines and pharmaceutical services as well as ensure the effective, economical, reasonable and safe way of drug use.

In recent years, the people of Macau have paid more and more attention to personal health, the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the rational use of drugs and to improve the drugs management level in hospital as well as the high level of scientific research have a large demand for pharmaceutical professionals.

Bachelor Degree Programme of Pharmacy holds by Macau University of science and technology will fill the gaps and in the meanwhile comply with the long-term social and economic development of Macau.

Students will learn the basic knowledge of medicine, pharmaceutical production, quality control, clinical safety and rational use of drugs, drug regulations, trade and professional knowledge and technology for new drug research and development. During the semesters, students will be arranged to Macau local or overseas hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, pharmaceutical companies or research institutions, as well as in the State Key Laboratory for scientific research. After graduation students can join in local hospitals, hospitals in mainland China and other countries or regions, pharmacy, pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmaceutical trading enterprises, laboratory, government agencies, universities and research institutions devote themselves to drug dispensing, drug regulation, drug production, drug trade, drug quality control and academic research etc.