The Doctor of Pharmacy Program at Macau University of Science and Technology is the first pharmacy doctoral program in Macau. And the use of English teaching, academic research and international standards, to provide expertise for the internationalization and modernization of the pharmaceutical industry in Macau. This course covers a wide range of topics in the pharmaceutical field, including pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmacology, pharmacy and the frontier interdisciplinary。Aims to broaden the pharmaceutical knowledge and skills of doctoral students and adapt to the continuous progress of pharmaceutical science and technology。This course relies on the State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine, which has many of the world’s most advanced instruments. Such as ultra-high-phase liquid chromatography tandem-solid phase extraction system and online ultra-low temperature probe nuclear magnetic resonance, multi-function living cells imaging systems, third-generation gene sequencers and secondary ion mass spectrometry. All these contribute to the completion of high-quality scientific research.


Academic Field: Pharmacy


Graduates who complete a doctor may work in drug development, pharmaceutical preparation and dosage form design, synthetic drug production, inspection in various pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmacological experiments and safety evaluation, drug management, pharmaceutical trade.  Besides, students may also choose to work in clinical rational and safe drug guidance, drug clinical monitoring and management. Moreover, students can also work in the pharmaceutical related government departments, research institutes, laboratories or universities to do pharmacy-related teaching and research.

Course duration

The normal study duration of the program is 3 years. The maximum duration is 6 years