Director's message

Zhu Yi Zhun, M.D., Ph.D.All of us should have experienced taking medicine, but how many of us would take the time to think about the drug’s discovery, efficacy or even side effects? Pharmaceutical training will allow our undergraduate students to fully understand the comprehensive range of explicit uses of drugs in pharmaceutical research, and give our Master's and Doctoral students the opportunity to join in drug discovery and development as well as clinical scientific evaluation!

We are in the era of life science – medicine and medical research is fundamental in helping mankind overcome or slow down the spread of diseases. From the earliest times of Shen Nong, where he tasted over a hundred herbs and discovered medicinal herbs; to the discovery of penicillin and artemisinin as a landmark of Chinese traditional medicine being recognized around the world; to the present moment of macromolecular drugs, drug discovery has revolutionized our lives and continue to do so by providing a guarantee for a healthy and quality life. Drug research is the sunrise industry for our future!

Macau University of Science and Technology School of Pharmacy is approved by the Macau SAR government as the only faculty of pharmacy in Macau. Under the guidance of our exceptional team of faculty and staff members, we aim to cultivate local pharmaceutical talents, improve local drug research and development capabilities, and provide a new pasture for developing leading pharmaceutical talents for China and the world. We warmly welcome you to join us!

Director and Chair Professor
Zhu Yi Zhun, M.D., Ph.D.