[Research Notice] Application for the FDCT Funding Briefing on the morning of November 21

Dear All,


We have received a notification from FDCT that a funding briefing will be held at the University at 10:30 a.m. on November 21 (Monday). The visitor includes Committee Member Mr. Zheng Guanwei and Professor Liu Lianggang. The fund hopes to introduce to teachers who are interested in applying for FDCT projects. 

This activity is divided into three parts: 1. Introducing FDCT Funding; 2. Types of Projects; 3. Matters needing attention on funding, etc.


Teachers are welcome to participate actively, and new teachers within two years of employment are especially welcome to participate. Please contact the faculty office to register before November 14th, so that we can count the number and arrange the classroom.

The specific location of the introduction will be notified by email, thank you very much!