The Third Generation Mobile Communications Laboratory

1. Introduction
The third generation mobile communications lab (3G lab) was approved in the early 2005 by Macao University of science and technology. This mobile communications institute was set up in September 2005, supported by the Macao SAR government, ZTE, CTM and Ericssson.
The research condition of the lab is excellent with millions Macao dollar’s equipment, including: MUST-ZTE 3G research lab and MUST 3G application research lab, which boasts two sets of WCDMA test network (ZTE, Erission and CTM), one core network and two sets of base-station respectively.
The lab also enjoys internal intranet, several high performance work stations, and different types of PCs, spectrum analyzer, and communications simulation software and so on. The lab has the capacity of undertaking different kinds of mobile communications research projects. Technical lecture on various topics training class will be provided by this lab on a regular basis. To grasp the state-of-the-art communications technology, 3G lab will cooperate with more and more in the industry and in the academic area partners. The mobile communications knowledge will be implemented to the courses of Faculty of Information Technology, which would help improve their knowledge. The foundation of 3G labs will drive the mobile software and mobile video technology development in Macau. It will enhance the cooperation and communication among students, professors and researchers, and bring out more talented information technology professionals for the society. In the world today, the communications technology develops by leaps and bounds. The members of the lab will make continuing efforts to reach high in our research field. Anyone who is interested or would like to be dedicated to communication career is welcome to visit, cooperation, and move ahead with us.

2.Research Topics Included
Mobile Communications, Signal Processing for Communications,Wireless and RF Communications